Short Story Reading in Berlin

The artist Constantin Montana and I are doing a performance in late January in Berlin. We’ll be reading some short stories in a wonderful writers bar called Schankwirtschaft Laidak. All welcome.

Schankwirtschaft Laidak, 22nd January, 7:30PM.

Boddinstraße 42/43, 12053 Berlin.

Island State – New Short Story Published

The magazine Cassandra Voices have been kind enough to publish my short story ‘Island State’.

They show midget porn in the Double Down Saloon. We drink Coronas and the house cocktail, Ass Juice. The money shot in midget porn comes after the action, when the burley stud zips up his little person partner and fucks the suitcase out the window. I am flirting with a roller derby queen. We have consumed great quantities of some cheap imitation of falafel, which demands drink in its roiling savoury language, and on its own bowel wrenching terms. On the street her Disney princess miniskirt and whiffle bat get catcalls. I line up shots at the wing mirrors of parked cars and strike out.

New dedicated podcast website

The days of blogspamming my podcast are over! Everybody wants to love you now has a dedicated host / website.
We’ve moved to Libsyn, a podcast host that’s been making shows happen even longer than me. Always wanted to try them, and it’s a vote of confidence in the show to put a few quid behind it each month. We’re going to keep working to bring better guests, better sound, be funnier and frankly have me dominate the mic a little less. Hope you’ve been enjoying it so far. If so, give us an auld email!

If you like the show you can subscribe at any of the links below.

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11 – Sex Toys

Dildos, vibrators, cock rings, pocket pussies, do you use them, do you like them? is there such a thing as too big or too good? What have we tried? Why do women use them more than men? Is the shame around sex toys irrational? And how do they affect our bodies. We also chat about being separated by covid, and Nicole reads another clip from her erotic fiction!

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10 – Drugs

We chat with special guest Ronan about the role drugs have in our sex life – endogenous hormones, prescription drugs, and of course the wicked world of narcotics. How can they alter our experience of love and sex? What are the risks of abuse? Does the pill change who girls are attracted to? Does taking testosterone turn men into walking rage boners? Are there healthy ways to increase your libido with HRT? How kink can help keep the chemical kick alive. Are there drugs you can take to improve your relationships and should you even try? Can love itself be a chemical addiction? All this and more.


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8 – Bedroom Confessional

In this very special episode of Everybody Wants To Love You, we come to you from our den of iniquity, our very (un)marital bed. We answer the questions we ask our guests – our funniest sexual encounters, our sexiest moments, and finally delve into our sexual ambitions.

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