Interview: Suw Charman – Open Rights Group

A video Interview with Suw Charman of the UK’s Open Rights Group, covering Digital Rights, Copyright Reform, Privacy, Data Retention, Automatic Vehicle Tracking and other issues.

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5 thoughts on “Interview: Suw Charman – Open Rights Group

  1. Great interview. In relation to the comment you made at the end about digital media facilitating a move back to folk-generated culture – check out Dave Winer’s “Pisa Podcast” – a podcast he delivered to a conference in Pisa last year. Go to and search the page for Pisa.

    By the way, the sound on this show was excellent, but I usually can’t hear your regular shows while I’m driving or in most work or street situations. Perhaps you could mike the individual speakers in closer? It’s a pity – because the content is excellent.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Conn. Not sure how the sound differed for you for this interview – unfortunately due to a lack of equipment we use the internal microphone in the DV camera for this and all our other shows, a less than ideal solution.

  3. I recall you used a radio studio in Trinity in the past. It’s a pity if that’s no longer available to you.

    I’m generally not a fan of tip jars, but I’d be happy to contribute if you set one up! You should be able to get a mixer and a few cheap mikes for a couple of hundred.

  4. We’re actually still using the studio as a location, and make use of the TFM equipment for editing etc, but logistic difficulties prevent us from combining the radio and film recording equipment. As you suggest what we really need to do is get two or three clip on mics and a mixer to run them into, plus a laptop and an external hard drive to set us free of the radio stations equipment.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a digicasting society in college as I reckon our show is a little out there to attract corporate sponsorship. Regarding a tip jar, we could set one up – but thus far our existing donate to hosting fee button has attracted no bites.

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