Technolotics #28 – Back from the Dead

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Everyone by the campfire

A discussion of the democratizing impact of citizen media, distributed distrobution, folksonomy, podcasting, vidcasting and the future of news, entertainment and human communication

Buzzwords: Web2.0, emergent, folksonomy

Content Creation: Geocities -> Google Pagemaker

Media: NBC, Sky, Fox -> Indymedia, Channel 101, Revision3

Knowledge: Britannica -> Wikipedia

Productivity: WordPerfect -> Office -> Writely, Thinkfree, EyeOS

Blogging: Livejournal -> Blogger -> WordPress

Bookmarking: Bookmarks ->, furl

Homepage: Portals (yahoo etc) -> netvibes, pageflakes

Search: Altavista -> Google -> Technorati, Kosmix, Rollyo

Community: Six Degrees -> Orkut -> Myspace, Bebo, FaceBook

Storage: XDrive -> Ourmedia -> Google locker – infinite free personal storage

News: Slashdot, Google News -> Google Alerts, Newsvine , Digg

Collaboration: Usenet -> Mediawiki -> Wetpaint, WikiWyg

The Future of Science

Kevin Kellys new work in progress – discusses the future of science
Kelly suggests potential near term advances in the scientific method

The New Methodology

Some of the Tools Kelly suggests science may adopt

Compiled Negative Results – the recording and analysis of negative results

As things stand – only studys which find a significant result tend to be published – creating a significant ‘file drawer problem’ – and failing to uncover flaws in exisiting theory / paradigms

Triple Blind Experiments – experiments which occur ubiquitously, without the awareness of participants – raw data collection over masses of variables – allowing flexability of post hoc data analysis / study design

Combinatorial Sweep Exploration – sampling and analysis of randomly constructed massive samples of models of studied objects – e.g.: brute force attacks on the analysis of genomic structure – through modelled or constucted recombinations genotyping

Evolutionary Search – the evolution of a problem solution (e.g.: computer program, useful polypeptide) through iterative evolutionary simulation – ‘Wolfram science’

Deep Simulations – hypercomplex simulations of life systems – from weather patterns, to genomes, to animal brains

Wiki-Science – multiple author continuas work in progress leading edge discussion / papers


Kevin – The Technnium

Podcasting Consultancy Goes Mainstream

Conn Ó Muíneacháin on the Sunday Business Posts article about Irish podcast consultancies
Doop – producing podcasts for the band whipping boy – [1], and Irish Emigrant magazine
Century Homes – have commissioned a series of podcasts for the construction industry
Digicast – plans sponsored casts like a tour of Dublin – have a proprietary download system

This is important – as caching makes it difficult to realistically judge podcast downloads


Edge Case
Digicast Podcasting Consultancy

Googlenews – Googleblogger

Gdrive – googles theoretically unlimited storage solution has been confirmed [2]
More limited hacks – allowing use of gmail or goole pages storage for data back up are already available


Media Pimp


The Power Glove [3]
The IT Crowd First Season [4]
Diggnation on Time [5]
Spore Gameplay Video [6]
House of Cosbys [7]


Google Calendar Screenshots [8]
Wikipedia [9]


Real Life Simpsons [10]

4 thoughts on “Technolotics #28 – Back from the Dead

  1. Hi there,

    I was at the tech talks at the Alexander on Saturday, and was delighted to hear about your podcast. I am even more delighted now that I’ve heard it in my earbuds, very nice and informal yet focused podcast.

    Looking forward to many more good episodes like this one, and to snack on your earlier episodes, when time allows.

    (Danish expat, now working and living in Dublin)

  2. Good seeing you guys at the Pre Awards Tech event.

    If I apologise for calling you Zig and Zag meet Google (it’s meant as a big compliment – and is explained in more detail here:
    would you be interested in talking over some of the Web 2.0 / Agile content from recent presentations? Don’t have the video yet, but links to the slides are below?


    Web 2.0

    Agile (Including loads of pictures of bridges and lego people)

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