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Matrixstream IPTV

Movies / Television channels streamining instantly through any broadband connection up to 1080P resolution over the H.264 codec through best effort network – public internet [1]

The claim is HD can be distributed in real time on a 6 meg connection!

Works with existing broadband networks with no upgrades or changes.
Essentially is a middleware that promises to provide VOD, via push, pull or streaming.
uses multicast or unicast to reduce load on the backbone network.
How does it work in practice with a large user base? Unknown. As far as we know nobody has deployed this yet.

Finally the device cringley has been predicting?

Will it recieve the necessary studio support to succeed?

Last Stand For Sanity

The Pirate Bay [2]

The MPAA’s latest sortie against filesharers has omitted one of the most prominent: The Pirate Bay.
Founded in 2003 by a group of Swedish file-sharing advocated the Pirate Bureau.
Site has provoked a file-sharing debate in Sweden and has even spawned a pro-piracy political party making a credible bid for seats in the Swedish parliament.
Sites immunity credited to the basic structure of the BitTorrent protocol. Servers provide only torrent files, which by themselves contain no copyright data — merely pointers to sources of the content.
MPAA spokeswoman Kori Bernards insists The Pirate Bay violates copyright laws around the world.”The torrent and torrent tracker is something that points people to various files that make up a copyright that is protected under the law.”


Laurence Lessig thinks an MSID might not be the worst idea [3]

The system effectively adds an “identity layer” to the Internet.
Hard to to falsify an identity and easy to verify your own.
Users’ computers will hold files called InfoCards that give encrypted sites access to authenticated information about the user.
When a Web site requests personal data, you choose whether to release that information, securely and with the verification of the card’s issuer.
Privacy fears addressed by the fact that the user decides what information is shared.
System is also open, it’s a protocol, implementable by many, not just Microsoft.
It will be distributed with Vista, MS’s new OS.

Short Stories

Functional Body Modification

The first stage in extrasensory enhansement – elegant lowtech(ist) implementation of superhuman status [4]

Google to purchase writely?

Google office rumours get a boost [5]

Google Mars

It’s out of this world – sorry I couldn’t resist![6]
You can look down on the red planet with elevation, infra red, and visible views

Webpages That Suck – Worst pages of 2005

And heres my least favourite (requires sound) [7]


Finally, a painless way to add live & recorded chat to any website
Simple put – and begin chatting [8]
This is viral methinks

Almost a mental Keyboard

A funny thinkable cursor [9]
Hope for paraplegics and wanabe cyber people alike.
A user must wear a cap containing electrodes that measure electrical activity inside the brain
Cap works like an EEG.
Device can train itself to new users in about 20 minutes.


Microsoft have finally unveiled their origami project. Unsurprisingly its an ultra mobile PC. [10] [11]
These will be even more mobile than the smallest of todays micro laptops
The Specs: 7′ screen, touch screen interface, 800grams approx,
Some models will have: gps, web cam, finger scanner, 40gig hard drives


The antisocial network [12]

Science Myths Explained

20 of the most plausible scientific myths explained [13]
Our favourite – the five second rule is five seconds too long

Media Pimp


Langer Land – What have the Brits done for us? [14]
Find Me Guilty – Vin Deisel Attempts to Act [15]
TV Go Home – Charlie Brookers mad masterpiece [16]
Convert to PDF [17]


View from the Sidewalk. [18]

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