‘Morrisisms’ is the term given to the absurdist tongue twisting mind benders produced by legendary amusement pundit Christopher Morris, the creative force behind such controversial and wickedly funny shows as ‘Brass Eye‘, ‘The Day Today‘, and ‘Blue Jam‘. In The Day Today in particular, Morris’s penchant for bizarre and unaccountably funny wordplay (check the link above to see what I mean) shone through. Part Peter Cook, part Johnathon swift, Morris lampoons the poe faced seriousness of current affairs presenters everywhere, liberally sprinkling bizarre wordplay into the dog bowl of social satire. In honour of the Man himself, here are some homespun Morrisisms.

“Ferocious tongue panick as spider spoon boy assaults cadbury bush.”

“Science fright at stiffening nature clouds.”

“Mangled clog biscuits a hit with toothless goons.”

“Absurd toilet mutant develops itch.”

“Profound piece found in chess set.”

“Enormous life coin spent at onion woman.”

“Gay nipple feared dead after oasis concert.”

“Research proves history fictional.”

“Novelist declared perfectly spherical.”

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