Update – Where do we go from here?


Just a quick heads up on life here at Technolotics central. Francis is away on holidays, so if all goes to plan we should have two new guest presenters this weekend.

We’re always working to improve the show on our non-existant budget, so if you have any ideas suggests, comments, or audiovisual equipment lying idle, don’t hesitate to comment on the site, or email us at crew AT technolotics DOT com.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone whose supported the show over the past 11 odd months – its a long list and if I miss anybody, apologies! In no particular order, thanks to Bernie Goldbach, and everyone at Sligo IT; Barry O’Sullivan, Half Cocked Jack, Dermot Byrne, Sarah Fortune, Rowan Nairn, Ronan McDonnell, David Power, Drew from Slyck, Conn O’ Mu­neachain, James Corbett, Suw Charman, Liam Burke, The Google Blogger, Paul Browne, my tireless co-conspirator Francis McG, and of course Jason McCandless, for his l33t tech support and unrelentingly generous equipment lending.

Take it cheesy,

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