List of Irish Podcasts


Noticed something interesting whilst pruning my list of Irish podcasts (I think its complete, let me know if you find any notable absences) – virtually no podfade. I wonder if this is a uniquely Irish stubbornness. The only exception that springs to mind on the list is Liam Burke’s sadly demised Podato, the original podcast dating site, which to be fair was far ahead of its time – as illustrated by the growth of newer podcast / vidcast dating sites, like PodDater, recently featured on TechCrunch.

<h1>Lists of Irish Podcasts</h1>

This is an attempt to compile a comprehensive list of Irish podcasts and vidcasts.

  • If you are aware of any that are missing or defunct – contact me at spam at dbspin dot kom (but with a c). Or through my contact form.
  • I don’t adequately follow Irish podcasting anymore – so please do feel free to contact me with amendments.
  • Last update 18th July 2008.

OPML Feed of Irish Podcasters

Individual Channels

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