On the Road – updated


Francis McGillicuddy and I are planning a trip to the US on the 6th of September – We’ve set up a Wiki for our trip, as well as a yahoo maps route plan (updated).

It’s a pretty ambitious trip, taking in LA, San Francisco, Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and ultimately New York. Any advice from anyone whose taken a similar trip would be appreciated! We’ll be in the states from 6th of September till the 1st of October, if you’re on our route, let us know and maybe we’ll hang out.

I’ll be producing a podcast of our trip – but as it shall be recorded on Sony’s customer hating DRM’d to death NetMD minidisc device, there probably won’t be any actual posts till our return. There will however be blog updates, both on this site and Francis’s Bogger Thoughts blog.

Also I’ve set up a moblog of sorts of photo’s taken with my snazzy new Razr V3, complete with RSS.

One thought on “On the Road – updated

  1. We enjoyed the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the loneliest highway in America. It looks like you’re headed to both places. Here are our pix:

    Bird watching

    I’d lose the bus and replace it with Southwest Airlines because the cost factor is the same and you don’t need two days on a bus.

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