Technolotics #45 – Girly Men


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A cure for depression?

If you’re a mutant mouse that is
Scientists breed mice without gene related to serotonin transmission.
Serotonin important on mood, sleep and sexuality.
Mice found to act if they had been treated with antidepressants.
First time genetic ‘cure’ for depression found.


Science Blog story

Amazing New VOIP Offerings


Free phone 2 phone calls, initiated via website
Complicated pricing plan
Your phone rings – there phone rings – free for most landlines


Practially free VOIP calls on your home phone or computer
Also offers conference calls, call transfers to other phones and call forwarding.
US only


Offers free calls to landlines and computers in certain countries including Ireland.
Involves a download and buying credit which expires after 120 days.
Limited number of free test calls


Techcrunch comparison
Voip Discount

Fox shows for free online

‘Full Throttle’ streams Fox shows over the internet using downloadable player.
Shows available include Prison Break, Bones, American Dad, The Loop and Stacked
Ads included at bottom of viewer and will be included and unskippable within the streaming shows.


Techcrunch article

Is war a disease?

Study of the effects of the affects of being in a warzone on soldiers.
Soldiers examined before and after tour of duty in Iraq.
Compromized ability in tasks of sustained attention, verbal learning and visual-spatial memory. Also soldiers were more confused and tense it seems.
Only upside was an improvement in simple reaction time.


AMA Journal

How to rig an election

Gerrymandering exists in the USA, with representatives deciding electoral districts rather than independent commissions.
District boundaries are altered to favour one party over another with both parties guilty of the practice.
Both parties created safe districts where current party has unchallenged dominance leaving a few districts which are tightly contested.#
Leads to apathy in safe districts and states and the concerns of a small group in a hotly contested state deciding the balance of the legislature.


Economist Article
Gerrymandering definition in wikipedia

Iraq’s invaders may install dictator

US government could be considering giving up on democracy in Iraq and instead installing a dictator.
Comes as the situation continues to deteriorate in Iraq.
Conservative like Donald Rumsfeld wanted a to simply go in, remove Saddam and destroy the country in a show of might and then leave the damage behind. He may get his way.
Problems in Iraq has turned support against Bush and costs him every day troops remain in Iraq.


Times Article

The shit on wastes

All peers – the new bittorrent based firefox extention has launched
All peers allows you to effectively, reliably and quickly share documents with trusted friends
Works via Bittorrent


Techcrunch anouncement

Media Pimp


Play Multiplayer Monopoly, Scrabble etc for Free does blog radio
Sweet gestural interface


Track me Not
BlackBox Search
Gratis Gaming

4 thoughts on “Technolotics #45 – Girly Men

  1. I’m completly fond of your shows.
    I have been promoting “Technolotics 2.0” in my webpages and be aware, cause I own more than 50 top domains, including almost all portuguese VIP’s and some of the richests in the world, like “Spiro Latsis”.

    Keep the good work,
    Daniel Alexandre

    “Man is but a monkey that cannot learn anything with other monkeys.” D.A.

  2. I’m new to the show but I enjoyed most of the episodes I have watched so far. I usually watch them between classes at college(NUIG) very insightful.

    Q: Is jason a brainiac? He comes accross as being very astute!

    Keep up the good work.

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