Head Candy

urlHaving finally acquired an MP3 player that doesn’t crap out constantly, especially (and conveniently) when used with multiple PCs..I’ve begun listening less to music, and more to audio books and sound collages. Two I’ve thoroughly enjoyed recently have been the Paul Giamatti’s reading of Philip K. Dick’s science fiction opus, ‘A Scanner Darkly’, a stunning, and thoroughly different interpretation / characterisation that the recent Richard Linklater film; and Christopher Morris’s fusion of black comedy and esoteric music Blue Jam. I’d recommend both to freshen up your tired old playlist.

If you’re looking a more immediate thrill (while your torrents of both recommendations download), then check out this video from Disinfocon – an event held in 1999 by underground publisher Disinformation. It features Grant Morrison, yes that Grant Morrison, of Zenith and Invisibles fame, preaching Satanism. Tasty.

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