East Coast, West Coast


A mini-documentary about my first trip to America in 2006.

[audio https://garethstack.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/eastcoastwestcoast128k.mp3]

Download: East Coast / West Coast

While I was at the anti DRM demonstration at Apples 5th avenue store, I also interviewed a member of New Yorker’s for Fair Use, Jay Sulzberger. The interview was too long to include in the program, but if you’re interested in issues surrounding DRM, net neutrality or wiretapping, check it out below.

Interview – Jay Sulzberger, 96k, 12megs.

Show Notes:

00.00 – Introduction
00.52 – Car to airport
02.33 – LAX
04.30 – Inglewood
07.15 – Backpackers Paradise Hostel LA
09.42 – UCLA Campus
10.40 – Hollywood Hills
12.15 – LA Hostel Morning
15.37 – Yosemite Bug Hostel
16.31 – Yosemite Bug (contd) – Talking about LA and SF
24.29 – Yosemite Bug (contd) – Dave’s Story
30.36 – Verner Falls Yosemite
31:40 – Half Dome Yosemite
33:45 – Central Park, NY – Talking about Vegas
44:22 – 57th and 5th, NY
46.28 – 5th Avenue Apple Store – Interview with Free culture NYU
48:58 – End

I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

All music included comes from the album Bad Things Happen Every Day, by John Jackson, available from kick ass CC record label Magnatune.com.


2 thoughts on “East Coast, West Coast

  1. really liking your audioblog in america thing.

    1 thing i didn’t like:

    I thought some of your big words were unnecessary and a little showy. Like, I could have said ‘ostentatious’ there instead of showy. But i didn’t. Cuz showy works just fine and uses less effort to write and understand.

    all the things I did like:

    The editing of all those little ‘mmmm’ and ‘awwwm’ noises is excellent.

    Imaginative descriptions

    Appropriate mix of funny and seriousness.

    Nice music linking it all together. and tres professional editing stack!

    Nice mix between conversational spontaneous tone and formal writing tone. Love that story about Dave the ageing jewish hippy guy.

  2. Note that a disproportionate number of visitors are from UK. Not surprising when you consider that our English friends already live in an Orwellian environment.

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