Bebo respond uselessly


The Bebo abuse department have once again failed to respond usefully to clear abuse of their service, and violation of their Terms of Use.


You recently reported abuse for member Leyla H on October 29, 2006. The best thing for you to do is block this person from your profile. If you ignore this person chances are they will get bored and leave you alone. I have provided instructions below on how you can do this.

To block/unblock a member follow these steps:

1) Visit and sign-in using your email address or username and password.

2) Navigate to the profile of the person you wish to block. You can do this by clicking on their username or photos in your profile. Alternatively, access their profile by going to

3) Under their profile photo, find the ‘Block’ link and click on it.

4) Click the button ‘Block This Member’.

Please note that this matter has now been CLOSED. If you feel this Bebo member continues to violate our Terms of Use after you have your block in place, you can submit another ‘Report Abuse’ form.

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Please do not reply directly to this email.

As my previous post regarding Bebo spam has thus far generated 56 comments from multiple nationalities, and increased this websites hits by 420% over the average for the past 7 months, this is clearly neither a minor nor a local problem. Bebo’s inaction leaves users at the mercy of spammers and the wilfully abusive. I experienced a situation several months ago where I repeatedly received abusive messages from a small number of teenagers at an unfamiliar school in Ireland. Multiple reports sent to Bebo abuse did nothing to reduce the problem, and I was forced to individually block tens of friends of friends of the comment posters to ensure no further attacks. I don’t want to get into making hasty generalisations from a small sample, but my guess is that repeated inaction in the light of such attacks (and I’ve known at least one girl who received multiple salacious and sexually explicit Bebo comments, yet was unable to get action taken by Bebo’s abuse department – assuming it exists), leave Bebo open to legal action. Perhaps a reader involved in the legal profession might offer an informal opinion?

While these two kinds of unwanted comments and messages (abuse and spam) are not directly related, they do pose a worrying trend. One might hope that Bebo’s staff are concentrating their resources on arguably more serious (and certainly more headline grabbing) problems; removing obviously explicit and criminal material, and dealing with users who attempt to use the service to obtain sexual contact with teenagers and children below the age of consent. On the other hand, given their failure to address the problems listed above, can they be trusted to deal with even such sensitive, and potentially embarrassing areas?

19 thoughts on “Bebo respond uselessly

  1. If there’s a place people can go to meet teenagers and have sex you can be sure that there are some Republican US politicians who’ll do their utmost to ensure that nothing changes.

    This comment isn’t even tangentially connected to what you’re bitching about. 🙂

  2. Somehow a substandard social network (on multiple levels, especially codewise) seems rather fitting for a substandard country.

    I’ve heard of people bitching about the facebook code, but in my eyes at least, it’s fantastic in comparison.

    I’m sure there must be more examples of this kind of thing – Ireland picking the least common denominator.

  3. why do bebo do nothing once you reported abuse we have block the once doing this! but they have make a hate blog and it still on bebo and they dont do nowt to stop this why are they letting these bully get away with doing what they want and making other life hell i thought this was the hole point in reported abuse but as i can see nowt is being done!!!

  4. Sub-standard country!? The 6th richest in the world u mean!? We are talking about Ireland here, in case you haven’t guessed and I’m responding to Jason McCandless’s comment in November. Such a narrow minded, cocky, cliche thing to say. For one thing, Bebo is American as Apple Pie. Another point might be, that Ireland is a far superior country to lets say…..America! GDP & distribution of Wealth obviously reflect it. How about getting your facts straight before you start bitching about your own country!!

  5. Steve,
    Firstly, I’ll tell you how you should have broken my point: MySpace.

    Secondly, WTF, you are the one being cliche, with the lack of original thought that leads to a claim that richness makes a country great. I’ve never been called narrow-minded or cocky in my life, but I must be doing something right. Maybe some introspection on why you like Metallica so much will lead you to more constructive self criticism.

    How is Bebo American? I know they are located in San Francisco, but their user base is undoubtly UK and Ireland centric. I don’t think having a server in the U.S. makes any difference.

    GDP is a crap statistic to measure by, get your facts straight! However, you are right to say that distribution of wealth is a big problem in America. But it doesn’t just follow ergo Ireland is a better country.

    What I was referring to in my post is the education situation in Ireland, something that is depressing to think about. I won’t elaborate here.

    Finally, I like the ability to bitch about my own country and I like the ability to bitch about any country. Facts are not facts you asshole.

  6. somone keeps deleting my bebo can you give me it back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz my usrer nam is jessy26i want a new password plz thanks wait on your see ya soon.

  7. Someone keeps deletind my bebo can you give me it back and see who is deleting my bebo plz plz plz plzp plz a really lik bebo and i want mine back and i want a new password plz plz plz thanks see ya soon.

  8. plz help me this is the 4th time bebo has let me down i had so menny friend and i want my bebo bck somone deleted me sooooooo plz plz plz i was about 2 sent a message when i sened out so i tryed 2 sing in and it sayed sorry this accout is no longer acssed soooooo plz plz can i have it bck plz

  9. bebo plz help me somone keeps deleting my bebo and its natmunro cause she said 2 me she would plz can i have my bebo bck this is the 4th time its been deleted plz i had so menny friends and i want more befor nat munro deleted me plz plz plz can i have my bebo bck

  10. hey i deleted my bebo but i want it bakk now so badd i regret it heaps. is theere any chance i could get it backk? wb.

  11. i mean like teh way i deleted it?
    with all my friends and comments and pics still on it?
    i dont want to start over from nothing again 🙂 thanksz byee.

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