Bebo Censors Social Issues Group


Subsequent to posting a link to the (UCD?) ‘Killer Coke’ Bebo page a couple of days ago, it seems the popular page has disappeared. Although never one to underestimate my own importance, I sincerely hope this is not a chilling effect of questioning Bebo’s censorship policy at last weeks Social Network Webcamp. The TCD campaign, which recently succeeded in renewing the Trinity campus Coke produce ban, still has an active Bebo page.

I’m not involved in either campaign, and not sufficiently informed to judge either sides merits, but more information is available here – pro coke, anti-coke, and here’s the ubiquitous wiki.

Perhaps this is something DRI should look into?

4 thoughts on “Bebo Censors Social Issues Group

  1. Hey Gareth,

    Conglatulations on being shortlisted for the Radio Production of the Year – Arts and Features Category in the Student Media Awards 2007. Honestly, I’m not really suprised – especially since you had that guy Stephen Shannon working with you… he’s a bit of a legend presenter and really knows his shit when it comes to radio production.. Not that you were riding his wave or anything… but you know what I mean…

  2. I think you raised an interesting point. Bebo is a private network. The people who put their information up on its pages are being farmed for the greater profit of their landlord.

    If they do bat down pages or users that conflict with their advertisers that should be highlighted. But if I were DRI, I’d say that it would require a specific contact looking for help from the wounded parties before action would be appropriate.

  3. By the way, your post prompted me to take a gander at the ToS for Bebo. The portion on rights surrendered is far from being boilerplate. A good deal of effort has gone into making it appear as plain English.

    However one thing not made explicit and that it is worth noting- you grant a licence, which can be sublicenced to anyone Bebo feels is an affiliate, for use of your materials. If you leave Bebo, this is revoked over any music or videos you uploaded. But they retain it for everything else- including all your photos.

    Ah, a future of trading in questionable Bebo pics looks like it will be fun.

  4. Bebo definitely have questionable morals. One day I was having a laugh at all the little 12 year old “tracker knackers” on there, and came across some really unsettling pages from girl as young as 11 in provocative poses…basically slutting out in the photos…along with their mobile phone numbers, name of school attended etc on their PUBLIC bebo pages.
    I complained to Bebo (this was about 4 months ago) that this could potentially land them in deep water and was surely against TOS to put phone numbers on public pages. Last week (!) I get an automated reply saying they’ve done nothing to constitute breaking their TOS, and no action will be taken.

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