Beans for Bebo


Wow..Looks like Jason Calacanis has inspired a trend. Came across the following whilst browsing

Are you a social networker and serial photo up loader? If yes read on….

Looking for some extra cash? is Ireland’s fastest growing social networking site – for grown up’s.
We are looking for people to build social networks…. for cash. Its a sinch and its a part-time job you can do anytime, night or day.

We are seeking well connected, fun, outgoing people who have left school – and no longer want to be profiled on social networking sites for Kids.

So are offering European pounds for profiles. All you have to do is get people in your network to set-up profiles (with Photo’s) and use the site actively and we will pay you for each profile you create.

Get your people to contact our people and post their profiles. To start making European pounds for profiles please apply below telling us why we should pay you to help build Ireland’s biggest and best social networking site.

We love all types of people. If your cool your in. If your not cool your in. If your under 18 your out – try registering with bebo.

None. We are not very responsible and don’t expect you to be. We do expect common sense and nothing too rude.

Successful candidates will be contacted by email. Please apply telling us why you not them, Today.

http://www.talkbeans.comDon’t be a has been. Be a talkbean!

Got to get me some a them ‘European Pounds’. Oddly the talkbeans site itself seems to be down. Shouldn’t they be advertising spamming this through a social network in any case?

Update: Site’s now back up, and looks unsurprisingly spammy. I wonder could Bebo sue over Talkbeans claim to be ‘Ireland’s fastest growing social networking site’?

8 thoughts on “Beans for Bebo

  1. Check out the spelling, too. (If your cool your in, set-up profiles, etc.) Perhaps their distinction between ‘kid’ and ‘adult’ is a little on the vague side?

  2. well I guess that social networking sites are not exactly gearted towards our grandparents generation so for me its pretty clear.

    Also seems they have a couple of people doing this ‘job’ at the moment (looking at various profiles and other blogging sites)

    And for the original post…What could Bebo sue them for? They dont have audited figures produced…

    I say good for you Talkbeans.

  3. ‘Bunny’, I’m not sure which demographic ‘audited figures’ you’ve been inspecting, but it’s a pretty certain bet that ‘MySpace’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Live Journal’, and even ‘Bebo’ are growing faster amongst any age group you care to mention than a new social network with 189 registered members.

    I’m not a lawyer, and not qualified to determine if Bebo or anyone else would have a case against the company. This is why I framed my words as a question rather than a statement. What is almost certain, is that your employer Talkbeans, are misrepresenting themselves. In the new media savy (insert web2.0 related cliched nomenclature here) world, that is not a recipe for success, even for a ‘me too’ company.

    Incidentally, the fastest growing social network specifically geared towards ‘our grandparents’ generation is most likely one dedicated to them. Sites in this bracket include Elders Voice, Senior Friend Finder, or dating networks like Fifty Already”>.

  4. Hay,

    I think there is a bit of tech highbrow going on here. Bebo could never be classed as a good site, weather it’s on a level of design, functionality of purpuse. They were a little lucky and a little clever and desirve appaule for all 2.

    It’s easy to sit here and hammer new startups, and reciete your wonderful knowledge of the web.

    TB is a startup and I think their being pretty clever in the way they’re doing it. They might only have 186 profiles but they caught this sites attention…

    All the best TB and to how ever else is giving it a go…

  5. Well ‘Gareth’ if thats your real name. Saucer of Milk?

    Not to bore the masses any further ill be quick.

    1. I dont work for this or any other social sites.
    2. Its obvious your not a lawyer.
    3. Nice Dating sites.


  6. Is that a yes to the milk Gareth? See you are still beavering away with the law society.

    Bernie, anything for you.

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