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bliptv1New music sharing service bills itself as Twitter for music. Really it’s not. Like twitter it allows brief posts to be quickly shared between friends. Unlike twitter the service doesn’t provide for posting (or receiving posts) via SMS. That’s sort of immaterial, because what Blip does do is freaking awesome. Once you’ve created an account on the service, you carry out a search for the artist or song of your choice (so far almost everything I’ve looked for has been found – and you can upload your own music if a track’s missing), hit ‘blip’, add a brief text message and click ‘ok’. Instantly, not only are you listening to the song you’ve chosen, but you’re also acting as a time shifted DJ for anyone who adds you as a friend. Sure the service will likely face the chop, from a terrified, backward and thankfully dying music industry – like the much loved muxtape, but right now it acts as the slickest, fastest and most fun way ever to be an online DJ. Most of the time you don’t have to upload anything – you can play music for your friends anywhere in the world with a wee search, a little comment and a click.

But that’s not all folks, as also connects with your account – allowing you to share all the songs you scrobble with a click. The site will also syndicate your played songs on twitter and a variety of other services should you choose to do so (not recommended).

Join now.

One thought on “DJ for your friends with

  1. Gareth – Jeff CEO from here. Thanks for the post. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the service. I think you nailed the description around Blip being a way for DJs (or aspiring tastemakers) to share their music knowledge and fave songs. We’re always looking for feedback too so please let us know if you have any comments on ways we can improve what we are doing. We also have some cool features that we’ll be releasing shortly for bloggers – stay tuned ;)!

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