Music at the Dublin Fringe


Dublin’s fringe festival has rolled round again, and a variety of musicians are appearing in the Spiegeltent, which has been hoisted in Iveagh Gardens. Now while this is a disgraceful appropriation of public resources for the private use of privileged cunts – a harbinger of US style neoliberal fuck the commonmanism (kind of like the LUAS) – there are some interesting gigs available, including..

Cathy Davey – Monday 9.30pm, €20

The Fall – Tuesday 9.30, €29.50
(Appropriately circus like post punk legends)

Duke Special – Wednesday 9.30pm, €20

An Introduction to Dubstep – Friday 9.30pm, €20
Feat Skream, Plastician & Safety Boy
(Recommended for hipster wannabes)

Sugarhill Gang – Sunday (14th), €25
(Invented hiphop)

Tickets are available from the Dublin Fringe Festival website, which has links to music from all the acts listed here. There’s other shit on there too.

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