Gig 1 – Anseo, Wexford St Dublin

Gig 1 – Anseo, Wexford St Dublin, 31st August 2009

Thinking back…

This was a great place for a first gig. Young sympathetic crowd, no bar in the upstairs room where the gig goes on, a working mic, a spotlight and most importantly a great Mc (Aidan Killian). Not to mention the other acts, which were in retrospect a good step up from the regulars at some other venues.

Pre show…

Almost catatonic. I sat reciting my material over and over in my head, white faced and shaking, terrified of freezing up. I’m not ashamed to say I had to run to ‘the jacks’, on more than one occasion.


The spotlight (from an overhead projector) was much brighter than I’d anticipated. I literally couldn’t see the front row of the audience. The audience was fine, really receptive even though I had to semi improvise the second half (see video). Aidan had them in a great ‘frame’, very positive and listening intently.

Although I felt like I was doing my set as practiced I just had too much material (or material + asides, for the time allotted) as I ended up speaking so damn quickly.

Watching the video…


Transition from ‘cockney’ intro to real voice worked better than in more recent gigs. Possibly because it was quicker, but also having a great MC (not visible on the video), was a huge help.

Couple of nice bits of improv / recovery – e.g.: ‘I hadn’t planned for the virginity either’, ‘obviously a lot of ugly Catholics here tonight’.

Actually slowed down better than I had remembered in others, e.g.: first half of ‘moving house’ bit, until ‘you’re still looking line’.

Better response to my ‘moving house’ allegory than in more recent gigs. Not sure if this was because it was looser and less rehearsed seeming, or by contrast my intro material is just stronger now.

The audience laughed way harder than I remembered, or could hear at the time. Good to bear in mind – as what I perceived as lack of laughter made me less confident towards the end.


Nervous ticks – looking down, touching my face, bobbing from left to right, not staying in the spotlight (this one was completely unconscious).

Speech was slightly slurred and too quick towards the end. Also I broke eye contact way too much.

That ‘’ line never gets a laugh, I should just drop it.

Did a bit of meta-critique after the ‘driving the train’ bit, a cardinal sin, and as you can see it didn’t work.

The biggest laugh of the set was a line I can’t hear on the video, and made up on the spot, and can’t remember, poo! It comes right after the line ‘…and it didn’t have that hideous extension’. If anyone can make it out I’ll try to sort you out some sort of a sloppy blowjob based prize.

Deep fat fryer description fell kinda flat- much improved description in more recent gigs.

[Thanks to Ian Perth for filming, apologies for the dire sound.]