Quick Update

– Patten Oswald deals with a heckler

Haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve continued to film all my gigs. In two minds as to whether to continue to post all my videos, as the bad gigs I’ve had recently have primarily been in almost completely empty rooms, and I’m not sure a lot can be learned from this. But i’ll definitely be uploading / posting a couple of good recent gigs soon.

One thing I’ve learnt is to avoid tiny gigs, and especially tiny rural / suburban gigs. It can be tempting to view these gigs as a ‘challenge’, but really they don’t teach you anything useful; except that people are even more stupid than you suspected. This applies trebly if it’s a free local show. Tempering your comedy to please drunken hicks is only going to end up producing a dumbed down variety act.

I’m planning to do some dates in London soon, so I’ve been ploughing through Johnny Armstrongs magical list of open mic nights, which though astoundingly thorough and useful, is pretty time consuming to read. Originally I was thinking about aiming for bookings towards the end of February, but now I’m thinking March is more realistic. The time scales promoters plan ahead can be very frustrating!

Comedy is still the best kick I’ve found, next to writing; and I’m finally starting to get a bit less nervous before gigs. Moving to Dublin next week, the plan being to head to as many clubs as possible, smooze and do open spots, try out new material, and give this stand up thing my all. Wish me luck!