Roger Gregg CD: Serpent In The Bee Loud Glade

A couple of months back, the very talented musician, humorist and dramatist Mr Roger Gregg was kind enough to ask me to do some free work for him. I was only too honoured to oblige, and since have had the pleasure of providing the graphical design for Mr Gregg’s latest foray into aural euphoria, ‘The Serpent In The Bee Loud Glade’. The album, a circular piece of plastic electromagnetically engraved with numeric representations of music from Mr Gregg and members of his Bee Loud Cabaret, featuring photography by Tadhg Conway, is on general release in all good Roger Gregg’s bandcamp. It’s the first CD design I’ve done, and learning to wrangle illustrator was pretty fun. The best part is seeing something I designed in the real world ‘live’ as a physical object. You can check out the album, and some of the designs, below.






Front Cover -small

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