Emerald Arts Cast


Lenny T has long been judged one of Ireland’s four most important bodhránists. A veteran of the Irish Arts scene, he is a founder of an Caishcau and a week of nights of Columsanus.


Hawthorn White is a doyen of the academy. His sonorous whispers have welcomed many an Irish prole into the arms of comely slumber.


Sally Gob‘s riveting reports on the crafts have been a staple of the Emerald Art’s coverage since she joined the show in 1972. This little lady is no slouch in the comportment department, holding a certificate from Mrs Magdalene’s School for the Proper Laundering of Fine Cloths, and half a GCSE.


Trainee reporter Lorcan Hogget is a lad of breeding, a boy of character, a child of letters, a babe of large soft eyes that weep with poignance.


lorcan1Sean Cully is a man unashamed of his roots, and his roots are cobbles. The cobbled streets of Dublin’s comely Monto, where his mother (an actress) granted him the gift of adoption as a ward of the Duke of Hearts, who raised him as a gentleman.

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