Antonio’s Corner

Antonio is Professor Frump’s nephew, and guest stars in several episodes of ‘The Invisible Tour Guide’.

Antonio Nexus Frumpling was born on the 11th of March 1998, on the Tove-Grimley estates at Sweet Puddington in Surrey. He is eldest son of the Marquess Font Goon, nee Urbis Perview II, and the Duchess of Glim, Rapunzel ‘Punzy’ Frumpess.

Although naught but a mere pup, master Frumpling has already distinguished himself across myriad disciplines. His special talents were recognised in early infancy, when a domestic discovered the collection of Occitan Sestinas A.N had penned in honour of his deceased companion animal, Muffy.

More recently, Frumpling has been honoured for his first publication, Chiaroscuro Of The Soul (Copper Canyon, 2004), with a variety of prizes including the Ted and Sylvia Hughes Award, the Cato Institute Statuette for Outstanding Cleverness, and a reluctant gold star from his teacher Mrs. Gluckschmerz.

A.N. has also made some gentlemanly efforts in the direction of developing the N-dimensional mathematics required to predictively model the behaviour of large distributed networks over time; with promising implications for the fields of communications technology, life and social sciences. His seminal publication, ‘Rethinking the Butterfly Effect: Positing the Leporid Impact’, carried in Sweden’s Acta Mathematica (vol.7, 2005, pp.245-95), was recently described as ‘Of significant import’, by the shade of James Clark Maxwell.

Although scoring in the ‘untestable’ range across a variety of neurocognitive measures, A.N. has thus far chosen to forgo membership of the Epimetheus Society- a protest at what he describes as their ‘Open door policy’. He is presently treasurer of the Royal Irish Philatelic Society, and he is happy to enter into correspondence on this matter, accepting of course that rare and unusual stamps are used!

A connoisseur of pre-WW1 music hall entertainment, A.N enjoys few things more than an evening spent with his musical troupe the ‘Pickaninnies’, sewing intricate costumes for their award-winning productions of HMS Pinafore. A.N. delights in each and every sequin and medallion he meticulously embroiders into place. To hear his laugh you might think him any ordinary lad, caught up in a carefree summer game of lacrosse with his chums!

Antonio was interviewed for this piece by noted authoress of young adolescent Ficciones, Claire Hennessy.

Unfortunately, due to Antonio’s age and temperament, we regret that we cannot accept gifts or annuities on his behalf. However, if you would like to provide an illustration of the little lad with which to embellish his page, please contact Professor Frump via Twitter, or our contact page.

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