The Invisible Tourguide – Episode 6 – Dublin’s Tower of Dublin

This week Byron explores that dark heart of crime and punishment, touring one of the Irish capital’s best loved historic buildings, Dublin’s Tower of Dublin.


Download: Episode 6 – Dublin’s Tower of Dublin


This weeks tour begins at the entrance to the Tower of Dublin. The tower is built over the Tulip estuary on the historic grounds of Ballydowd Manor. The museum can be reached in about eleven minutes on foot from the city centre.



Tower Bridge by vgm8383. Available under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic license.


Public domain recording of Pictures at an Exhibition – Promenade – Allegro giusto, nel modo russico senza allegrezza, by Petrovich Mussorgsky. Performed by Skidmore College Orchestra.

Creative Commons recording of the Bubu Cha Cha byNeurowaxx. Available under Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license.

Sound Effects

  1. 1029-sauteeing_garlic.wav by brightmedusa
  2. 00866 frying 1.wav by Robinhood76
  3. weale_eggfrying.aif by Rweale
  4. granudrill.wav by NoiseCollector
  5. 33367_jobro_Terror_01_sad_int_loop.ogg by jobro
  6. ambience03.wav by yewbic
  7. cinematic deep bass rumble.wav by ERH
  8. atmos2.wav by Radian
  9. markrawscreams (2.1).mp3 by aarondbaron
  10. Ambient Darkness.mp3 by DJ Chronos
  11. TwoDogs.mp3 by acclivity
  12. 31arrow shot.wav by gezortenplotz
  13. bow01.wav by Erdie
  14. chased by dogs RAW.wav by Leady
  15. dentist’s drill.wav by ERH
  16. Boom Boom.aiff by simondsouza
  17. Pops-MouthPops-Snaps_by-monnie101.wav bymonnie101
  18. male_scream_Bram_OEAAH.aiff andmale_Thijs_loud_scream.aiff by thanvannispen
  19. JoooAah.wav and Long_scream.wav by plagasul
  20. Tram Accelerator Lever.aiff by nikohfb
  21. power_down.wav by themfish
  22. gym-duffle bag open and close.wav by FreqMan
  23. POW02-L04-Voice.mp3 by Freed
  24. light 1.wav by TicTacShutUp
  25. no escape.aif and ripping air racing team.aif and ice door reversed.aif and caged birds need H2o & light.aifand burning iceberg.aif and by batchku
  26. handcuff.wav by Erdie
  27. hollowbarrier.wav by NoiseCollector
  28. Velcro1.wav Velcro2.wav and by HerbertBoland
  29. prison soundscape stylised.wav by 7by7
  30. VIOLIN IMPROV-IRISH JIG.aif by hammerklavier
  31. footsteps (Streety NR).wav by FreqMan
  32. nord_analog_howling_wind_storm.wav by medialint
  33. creaky_swingset.aif by Corsica_S
  34. YachtRigging.wav by acclivity
  35. Flag Flapping and Birds 2.wav by JustinBW

All available under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

Dramatis Personae

Intro / Outro by the inimitable Mr. Nicholas Johnson.

Reading from ‘Tiger Note, a life in infamy’, by Elephant Creosote, courtesy Feminist Pornstar records.

Byron Frump as himself.

High Lynchman Fenian O’Connell as himself.

Vice torturer Edmond as himself.

Terry as himself.

Office Partée as himself.

Captain Marmaduke Fonteroy II, deceased, featured with kind permission of his family.

The Eyeless Boy cannot be named under the official secrets act.

Special Thanks

Dermot Byrne for production assistance and additional vocal talent.

No puppies were hurt during the making of this programme. Well, only the naughty ones.

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