Goodbye cruel Dreamhost


That’s it. Done. I’m done, finished, finito! I’ve completed the arduous task of moving my site(s) from self hosting with dreamhost to a variety of installs. It’s something I never would have considered when I kicked off my first website at, way back in September 2001. Running your own website, complete with javascript, wiki’s, galleries and the like seemed a necessity for a permanent, private, secure online presence back at the dawn of the twenty first century. As we all now know, permanence is illusory on the modern web; where DMCA requests, flakey hosts, scripting attacks, geo-restricted content and creeping censorship have bifurcated the once pristine new world into a thousand fenced off content farms. So be it. After years of struggling with slower and slower shared hosting on dreamhost – unlimited everything (except speed, reliability and support), I for one welcome our new overlords. The wordpress.coms and squarespaces of this world provide speed and peace of mind, and though they doubtless roll like Pussy Bonpensiero at the slightest state or federal whisper, it’s kind of naive to think your site secure anywhere anymore. You can chase the dream in a co-lo in Iceland, fighting the swarms of botnets and the jammy fingers of script kiddie server side injection attacks. I’m going to concentrate on writing and making stuff.

One Last Thing

In the process of shutting down the old site, I killed off the wiki that I’d run for more than a decade. While I wasn’t particularly bothered backing up the database etc, I did backup the most popular / worked on pages to You kind find all that content below.

Notes from Barcamp Ireland 3
(circa 2007)

Notes from lecture to TCD BC Politics Course, on Podcasting
(delivered by Jason McCandless and myself)

Career Research 
(from a more optimistic age)

Digitcast Consultancy Business Plan
(apparently I thought you could make money in podcasting)

Random Trinity FM timetable, one of the 2005 broadcast weeks
(from my time as station manager)

DU Digicast Society
(we actually got approval to start this society back when I was in college, but the process took so long I was on my way out before we could actually kick it off)

USA Trip Planning
(for the trip Technolotics took across American in 2005)

Kick the Kat Playlist
(from my college radio show)

Essay writing tips
(from me to you)

Final Year Project ideas
(things I considered for my psychology thesis)

List of significant researchers in the Institute of Neuroscience in Trinity
(circa 2006?)

Notes on Podcasting in Education
(for video lecture to Edutech conference, 2005?)

3rd Year Group Project – Sexual Behaviour in Teenagers
Interviews with Sexual Health Professionals
Overview of key texts on sexual behaviour in teens
Group notes
Project Diary
Final Presentation Outline
Qualitative Research Methodologies


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