What is The Invisible Tourguide?


The Invisible Tour Guide is a podcast from world famous art historian and clever clogs, Professor Byron Frump. This ten part series will take you on an unofficial tour of some of Ireland’s finest museums, gallerias and historic monuments. Let Professor Frump be your free and discrete guide to the unseen Ireland, as you explore together our great nations epic and distinguished history.


Each show includes a note as to where to begin. Simply download the episode you are interested in – either directly from this site, or from iTunes (coming soon!), then head to where the tour starts, and hit play on your MP3 player, to begin your exclusive private tour.

In the unfortunate event that you have become separated from this great isle by distance, don’t let that dissuade you. Professor Frump has sampled the ambiance of each unique location, recording his tour right where you’ll be. So The Invisible Tour Guide can be enjoyed from home or the road, with almost equal pleasure.

Professor Frump Biography

Professor Byron Chaffinch Frump, OBE, MBA, PHD, MBE, became Lord of Cotton Wolf on Surrey at 5.15am on July 11th 1964. Born into a life of almost unimaginable privilege, Frump was none the less gifted with the common touch. As a child, he learnt of the harsh conditions faced by the lesser orders through his family’s beloved servants. As a young and talented Fulbright scholar, Lord Frump made it his mission to ensure that no matter how malnourished, downtrodden and physically unappealing the great unwashed became, they would always have access to excellent cultural television programming.

Byron was educated at HP Sauce college, Oxbridge, attaining the first quadruple first in the universities history. Not satisfied with his primary degrees in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History; M-Theory; Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology; and Ephebe Studies: Byron continued on to a taught double PHD (teaching himself), in Profit Maximisation and Transmedia Exploitation at Brass Neck college.

Professor Frump disclaimed his hereditary peerage in 1988 when he served under Clement Weather, as conservative minister for Arts and Culture. His public service continues today, as Chief Scrubarubba for Milton Keens University (since 1980), Prime Grammar Wrangler for the Campaign for Proper English (since 1992) and High Willow the Wisp of the Countryside Alliance (since 2000). He his been a fellow of St Tumnus College, Pinhead since 1999.

A prolific author, Byron Frump has published over fifty books, including a six volume autobiography detailing his adventures in the colonies, as huntsmaster for Tiffling Pillow on Sea, and as the last Governor General of Gibraltar.

As a young man, Lord Frump pioneered the practice of providing free copies of his many books and periodicals to the poor. On his own vast and beautiful estates in Cheshire, and in his beloved Wicklow mountains, Professor Frump continues to offer troubled boys a promising career as grounds keepers and beaters. Professor Frump is also chief patron of his Grand Tour Foundation, which recreates – for select young people of talent and breeding – the thrilling educative experience of an imperial odyssey.

Byron currently lectures Art History at London’s St Martins College, and still finds time to present his many television and radio programmes, including ‘The Rorschach Test’, a weekly dissection of Art, Literature and Science by a panel of leading experts on the mind. The Invisible Tour Guide is his first foray into Podcasting.

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