Any Other Dublin – Episode 2 – In The Company Of Oisin


Oisin Kylemore is a pick up artist, a pro-gamer, and a troubled young man. Join him as he shows you another side of Dublin.

Oisin works for one of the ‘big three’ financial services firms in the IFSC. With no time for relationships, ‘love is just another transaction’. Oisin frequently visits his mother (his only surviving parent) at her nursing home – but seems unable unable to forge a meaningful emotional connection to her. When not working 50 – 60 hours a week at his high pressure job. Oisin indulges his hobbies: Martial Art ‘Jeet Kune Do’, and the video game Team Fighter 2. Oisin is in some ways a ‘new man’, putting great emphasis on his appearance, health and fitness; and is a follower of the currently trendy Paleolithic ‘cave man’ diet. Oisin is also part of the men’s rights movement, and considers himself an able ‘pick up artist’. Oisin has a court date approaching, resulting from a violent incident which arose out of his issues with alcohol, and it appears as though his carefully managed life might not be all that it seems.

Download: Episode 2 – Deluxe web version (23.5meg)
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Script: Episode 2

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