‘The Mentalist’ – Culture File

I can’t quite believe it, they let me do it again! Recently the producers of Lyric FM’s daily culture programme ‘Culture File‘ took an interest in my documentary series Mad Scientists of Music, asking me to adapt a report on brilliant Northern Irish chiptune musician Chipzel for their show.

Last week they commissioned me to meet Irish mentalist Shane Gillen. Shane’s new show, which brilliantly combines stagecraft and magic is currently on in Smock Alley. Rather unbelievably, they allowed me to make this bonkers report about Shane and his journey into ‘mentalism’. I’m seriously amazed this went out on RTE radio. I actually got a call from a close friend right after it broadcast to tell me I’m crazy. Victory!

Shane’s show ‘Lapse‘ is running until July 12th, tickets here. I’d heartily recommend it.

The music used in this piece is all stolen / adapted from Simon Kenny’s brilliant Bitwise Operator release ‘Translation’. You can download the whole EP for free from bandcamp. Simon is also the creator of the incredible sound synthesiser ‘Oscar‘ , coming soon to iPad / Android, featured in the final episode of Mad Scientists.

Download: The Mentalist

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