2014 A Year in Review – You’re Doing It Wrong (EP2)


A look back on what I’ve been up to in 2014.

This is the year I wrote my first stage plays, finished an award winning documentary series ‘Mad Scientists of Music‘, and released my latest radio sitcom ‘Choices‘.

I’ve also been lucky enough to make a bunch of podcasts with super smart rising talent James Van De Waal, for Radiomade.

This is the year I started making reports for RTE Lyric FM’s Culture File. Through Culture File I got to meet inspiring artists like Kevin Barry and Amanda Coogan, and had life changing experiences at the Happy Days Beckett Festival in Enniskillen.

This was the year I joined the A4 Arts Collective. The year of the inaugural Hearsay Audio Festival in Kilfinane, and the year I told a story at the legendary Moth!

I talk a little about some projects hitting early in the new year. My first short film Spaghetti Dick, and two radio art pieces created for Bluebottle Collective’s ‘Hibernation Radio‘ project.

Finally, I remember two people closed to me who passed away this year. My uncle Frank Stack, and college friend Trevor Murtagh.

Download: Episode 2

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