Culture File Interview – Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 18.21.34

Last week saw the first ever iDig music festival arrive at Dublin’s Convention Centre. I spoke to videogame composer and festival organiser, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, about videogame music and his work composing for world of warcraft.

Download: ‘Craig Stuart Garfinkle Interview’

Tracks used

Warlords of Draenor – Shadowmoon Sunset
Warlords of Dranor – Grinspiration
Warlords of Draenor – Ethereal Essence
Balders Gate 2: The Dark Alliance – The Battle Rages

WWC music from – Sneak Peek: iDIG Music – Dublin International Game Music Festival

All pieces composed by Craig Stuart Garfinkle.

Photo by Isabel Thomas

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