‘Paraudiolia 1’ sound art at IMMA


Excited to announce that a piece I created for Blue Bottle Collective’s Hibernation Radio project is being played at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, as part of the ‘More Than One Maker‘ exhibition. Massive congratulations to all the Blue Bottle Collective! You can listen to the piece, which explores Dublin’s rejection of it’s young artists and creative communities, below. The piece is playing on a loop along with a selection of other pieces from ‘Hibernation Radio’, in the main square of IMMA until mid June. Facebook event here.

Download: Paraudiolia 1 [It’s not that way it’s over here]

3 thoughts on “‘Paraudiolia 1’ sound art at IMMA

    1. Thank you so much Fahad. Just listening to your work on your website, really rich stuff. Fantastic art music / sound art links too. If you’re interested in the really important work being down over here in Ireland – I’m really just a dabbler; I’d recommend checking out Ed Devane, Simon Kenny, and Rachel Ni Chuinn (Dublin Laptop Orchestra). Ed and Simon both appear in my documentary on collaborative electronic music, Mad Scientists of Music.

      1. Much thanks for the compliments and recommendations! I had no idea Ireland had such an active experimental music scene. I look forward to checking out your documentary!

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