William Morris in Dublin – Culture File

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Download: ‘William Morris in Dublin’

William Morris, considered the founder of the late Victorian Arts & Crafts movement in architecture and design, twice visited Ireland. He toured the country, delivering lectures on art and socialism. The influence of Morris’s design philosophy, and to a lesser extent his political leanings, can be seen to this day in a number of Arts & Crafts buildings in Dublin, including Clondalkin library, Charlveille Castle Dining Room, and Senior College Rathmines. I visited Whitechurch Library (a 1911 building designed by legendary Irish architect John Byrne), in the company of art historian, Dr Eimear O’Connor, to discuss the enduring influence of Arts & Crafts in Ireland.

Special thanks to Librarian Breda Bollard for allowing us use of the library and providing a tour of the space.

Tracks used

Herman Finck Medley – The K-Nuts Medley: Gilbert the Filbert – I’ll
Make a Man of You Yet” by Kelli Uustani
The Mosquito’s Parade (studio) – Ian Whitcomb
John McCormack – Dear Little Shamrock
Andrew Grumman – Ralph VAUGHAN WILLIAMS- Five Variants of Dives & Lazarus

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