Behind The Wall – 1 – One Good Thing


Download: Behind The Wall – Episode 1 – One Good Thing

My next radio drama series hits Newstalk next month starting on Saturday the 16th of April.

“The Wall in the Mind” looks at the impossibility of love and even friendship in a world where someone is always watching – the Stasi surveillance state of East Germany.

Today we we are constantly monitored, our emails read, our tweets collected, our photos analysed our phone calls recored and stored in the vast unaccountable silos of the NSA. But this isn’t the first Orwellian surveillance state. From the end of the Second World War to the late nineteen eighties, East Germans had to suffer their families and neighbours reporting their actions to the paranoid political police of their communist government.

“The Wall in the Mind” follows the experiences of Claire O’Hanlon, an Irish immigrant, who has crossed the Wall to communist East Germany to follow Emil, her young lover, into the punk politics of Berlin in the late eighties.

Recorded on location with a cast of German and Irish actors, the series explores how our sense of self diminishes, under the panopticon of a surveillance culture.

“The Wall in the Mind” will play on Newstalk in Ireland each Saturday on the 16th, 23rd, and 30th of April at 7am, repeating at 10pm each day, with podcasts released the same day.

For the online release, I’ve decided to do something a little different. In the weeks leading up to broadcast, we’ll be posting interviews, audio diaries and clues to the true stories that inspired the mystery.

Then, as the show is being broadcast, we’ll put it out online for podcast and streaming – scene by scene. The idea is to create something of the anticipation of a classic radio serial or Dickensian short story. Each day there’ll be something new to hear, another clue to the mystery at the heart of the story.


You can subscribe to these bonus episodes, and download or stream the podcast of ‘The Wall in the Mind’ at the following places – iTunesRSSSoundcloud.

Credits – ImagesCast & CrewDead Medium Productions


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