Behind the Wall – 7 – Money Freakout


DownloadBehind the Wall – 7 – Money Freakout

In todays episode I take a look back at the worst moment of every project. When the money runs out. Right before we started production on ‘The Wall in the Mind’, I’d run out of money. Though the project was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s ‘Sound and Vision’ scheme. I had expenses like insurance to cover, before we could claim the first instalment of funding. My rent was due and things were not looking good. But I got through it. Ultimately this minor crisis was a reminder that no matter how bad things get, freaking out isn’t helpful (even if it is sometimes cathartic).

Behind the Wall

Behind The Wall is a series of special feature podcasts accompanying ‘The Wall in the Mind‘, an ambitious new on-location drama series, coming to Newstalk and podcast starting on Saturday the 16th of April @ 7AM & 10PM. Each episode features an interview or behind the scenes clip. Think of it like the ‘making of’ special features on a DVD or Blu-Ray.


You can subscribe to these bonus episodes, and download or stream the podcast of ‘The Wall in the Mind’ at the following places – iTunesRSSSoundcloud.

Credits – ImagesCast & CrewDead Medium Productions.

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