Behind the Wall – 13 – James O’Connor Interview


DownloadBehind the Wall – 13 – James O’Connor Interview

In today’s episode of ‘Behind The Wall’ I speak to writer / director and one of the stars of ‘The Wall in the Mind’, James O’Connor. James plays the character of Emil Reichmann, a squatter and activist fighting against the corrupt communist regime of the DDR. We talk about acting for radio, and being the human macguffin in a cold war mystery.

Behind the Wall

Behind The Wall is a series of special feature podcasts accompanying ‘The Wall in the Mind‘, an ambitious new on-location drama series, coming to Newstalk and podcast starting on Saturday the 16th of April @ 7AM & 10PM. Each episode features an interview or behind the scenes clip. Think of it like the ‘making of’ special features on a DVD or Blu-Ray.



You can subscribe to these bonus episodes, and download or stream the podcast of ‘The Wall in the Mind’ at the following places – iTunesRSSSoundcloud.

Credits – ImagesCast & CrewDead Medium Productions.

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