Behind the Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview


Download: Behind The Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview

Mia Gallagher is an actress and author who plays one half of the lead role of Claire in the Wall in the Mind. We talk about playing a complex tormented character, collaboration between actor and writer and the physicality of performance.

Mia’s latest novel ‘Beautiful pictures of the lost homeland’ also launches this week. You can order it here. Synopsis below.

Sometime around now a bomb-blast in the London Underground rips through space and time, unearthing four inter-whirling stories from the present and the past. Geo (once Georgie, now Georgia) receives a call offering work and a way to escape her home, her memories and her own inertia – and so begins a road trip spiked with the hidden dangers of her past and present. In the lead up to the Underground explosion, an elderly German woman, Anna Bauer, recounts her own war story to a film crew. In the 1970s, as the Madden family begins to disintegrate, a disruptive stranger arrives who will bind them, if only briefly. And all along, pinballing in a parallel reality, we the ‘visitors’, are guided through an unsettling and volatile tour of the ‘Museum of Curiosities’. In Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland, the past crosses, weaves and whispers by the present; generations are bound together and cleaved apart; and as they unspool, the fragmented lives of four people become a whole, where time is unknowable.

Behind the Wall

Behind The Wall is a series of special feature podcasts accompanying ‘The Wall in the Mind‘, an ambitious new on-location drama series, coming to Newstalk and podcast starting on Saturday the 16th of April @ 7AM & 10PM. Each episode features an interview or behind the scenes clip. Think of it like the ‘making of’ special features on a DVD or Blu-Ray.



You can subscribe to these bonus episodes, and download or stream the podcast of ‘The Wall in the Mind’ at the following places – iTunesRSSSoundcloud.

Credits – ImagesCast & CrewDead Medium Productions.

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