College Assignments

Please note, these essays are made available for reference purposes only. As they’re publicly available handing them in at undergraduate level would be inadvisable. If you find these essays of use in your work, please cite me.

Broadcast Production Masters, IADT

  1. The Impact of the Net.

Professional Course In Psychotherapy – 2nd Year

  1. A Detailed Look At Winnicott – Book Review: Playing & Reality, by D.W. Winnicott
  2. An Argument for Psychoanalysis. Book Review: The Gossamer Thread, by John Marzillier
  3. Person Centred Psychoanalysis. Book Review: On Learning From The Patient, by Patrick Casement
  4. Further Learning from the Patient, by Patrick Casement
  5. At the Edges of Reason. Book Review: Understanding the Borderline Mother, by Christine Lawson.
  6. The Object is Connection. Book Review: John Bowlby & Attachment Theory, by John Holmes.

Professional Diploma in Integrative Counseling & Psychotherapy – 1st Year

  1. Examining Miller and Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing approach through the “Ways Paradigm”
  2. How transsexual and intersex identities inform and challenge our understanding of sexual development
  3. The Supervision Relationship
  4. Critically examine one theoretical framework for resolving ethical dilemmas and the estimated value as a beginning practitioner.
  5. A Comparative analysis of Person Centred Therapy and Choice Theory / Reality Therapy

Trinity – Single Honours Psychology – 4th Year

  1. Thesis – An Assessment of Cognitive Impairment in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.
  2. Critically Evaluate the Contribution of Cognitive and Psychoanalytical Models to Our Understanding of Mental Health Difficulties in Terms of Emergence, Maintenance and Intervention.
  3. Evaluate the merits and feasibility of integrating research findings from behavioural economics with social psychology
  4. Discuss the claim that emotion and cognition are intrinsically linked and should be studied together
  5. Where Does the Mind Begin and End

Trinity – Single Honours Psychology – 3rd Year

  1. The Relevence of Culture to Contemporary Psychology.
  2. Review: ‘The BDNF val66met polymorphism affects activity-dependent secretion of BDNF & human memory & hippocampal function’ (Egan et al, 2003).
  3. Has the application of psychological theory aided us in understanding criminal behaviour? Discuss with reference to terrorism.

Trinity – Single Honours Psychology – 2st Year

Psychology Assignments

  1. Exploring Qualitative Analyses utilising Semi-Structured Interviews on Beauty.

BC Politics Op-Ed Assignments

  1. The Ownership of Ideas.
  2. A modest Proposal: Why ‘Youth’ Doesn’t Vote, and how to change that.

Trinity – Single Honours Psychology – 1st Year

  1. Measuring grandparental investment. Do grandparents invest more when genetic relatedness is more certain?
  2. Manipulating the EPI. Can knowledge of the traits measured enable psychology students to influence scores?
  3. “Jagged Little Pills”. Antidepressants, effective medicines or palliative narcotics ?
  4. Psychometric Assessment: Evaluation of the MMPI-2
  5. Evaluate Our Understanding of the Processes Involved in Creative Thought
  6. Measurement of forward and backward digit span recollection, a correlate of I.Q
  7. Reaction times related to congruence in a Stroop test of undergraduate students

FETAC – Social Studies Elective

Sociology Assignments

  1. From a sociological perspective critically evaluate the concepts of stratification and class together with the relationship of class to inequality of outcomes for members of society.
  2. Discuss the impact of globalisation on the modern world – Some quotes and ideas I had to leave out.

Psychology Assignments

  1. How significant has Freud been to the development of Psychology?

Politics Assignments

  1. Define the term ‘cleavage’. Outline the main cleavages found in modern Europe

Older Work

  1. Violence in Cinema

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