Episode 4 – Stripping Tales & O Woes

We chat with the fabulous ‘Petunia’ about bisexuality, cuck queening, disability, stripping, anorgasmia and sex work.


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Trailer – Everybody Wants To Love You

Everybody Wants To Love You is a show about sex, love and relationships. We overshare about everything from pulling to cucking, lust to love, therapy to teledildonics. Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. Featuring interviews, commentary, confessions and laughs a plenty, this no holds barred chat will open your mind and tickle your pickle. Featuring Try Channel star Nicole O’Connor and former sex columnist Gareth Stack.


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EP3 – A Personal History of Pulling

We discuss Pulling, hooking up, bringing someone home. Specifically how men and women differ in their approaches. The evolutionary impulses behind our sexual strategies. Clubbing. How we talk down competitors and why Anya Taylor Joy is probably not very interesting in bed.


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Love You – EP2 – The Good Old Gays

Our guest is artist and Berlin flaneur Constantin Montana

We discuss… 

The differences between gay life in Berlin and New York. 
How the internet changed hookup culture.
Comparing our sexual educations.
The effects of porn on kids.
The death of subcultures
Differences between dating in gay and straight cultures
‘The chat’
The glorious sluttiness of actors
Meeting ‘the one’.

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Leave a Woman alone

New video I shot and edited for Berlin based musician Mariama Jalloh is out now. Link in Bio.

Director: Mariama
Produced, mixed and mastered by Manuel Schlindwein
Shoot, cut, grade: Gareth Stack
Make Up: Larissa Hewan Pauli
Hair: Lucia Binta Lammertmann
Styled by Kasapio

Very special thanks to Nicole O’Connor for help, and support and most of all Ay Wing and El Loftie for making this video shoot happen in the first place.

This video was shot over two hours, as part of a larger shoot. Another video coming soon from the same shoot.

‘Getting What I’m Owed’ – Ama Millieir

My latest video, for Irish artist Ama Millieir. Shot on the stunning grounds of Martinstown House by talented young DOP Joesph Ingersol. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with the Arri Alexa Mini LF, and Joey’s collection of Classic Zeiss Contax lenses. Costumes were provided by wonderfully esoteric Irish designer Claire Garvey, while special effects artist Frances Galligan provided art direction, including an enormous ‘medieval’ feast. Amazing crew work by Focus Puller Karl Walsh and AC Greg O’Reilly brought the whole thing together. Starring AMA and the stunning Cece Tiesoh. Titles by my partner Nicole O’Connor.

Particular thanks to the Booth-Keith family at Martinstown who let us film on their beautiful location, at an incredibly delicate time.

I always try to create a ‘pre-vis’ animatic, before I shoot, using clips from movies, sketches and still images to plan out the shoot. Check out the pre-vis for this video. Rough plan below, final video on top. I find planning this way incredibly helpful for figuring out shots and communicating with the DOP.


Song – Ama Millieir

Model – Cece Tiesoh

Director / Edit / Grade – Gareth Stack

DOP – Joseph Ingersoll

Focus Puller / AC – Karl Walsh

2nd AC – Greg O’Reilly

Art Director – Frances Galligan

Costumes – Claire Garvey Couture

Titles – Nicole O’Connor

Special Thanks To

Andrew, Edward and all at Martinstown House
Alex Kennedy

Finalist in International Songwriting Competition

Wow, the video I directed for Chris Wilson’s ‘Now I See You’ is now in the finals for the International Songwriting competition in the music video category. This means we’re down to the last 12 videos to be judged by amongst others Tom Waits!

This was a really special one, with a herculean effort for all involved to make something amazing on a micro budget. Amazing work by producer James Tiberius Galvin of Shoot Cut Grade, DOP Andy Flaherty, cam / gimbal hero Ismael Diarra, stars Mike Timms, Chris Wilson and Áine Ní Loingsigh and all their friends, and of course my favourite guest star Nicole O’Connor. Thanks to Michael Stack for use of the run down house that was our location, and Ciaran Taylor, artistic director of Carpet Theatre, for lending us the costumes!

You can watch the video below.

Sonairte In Winter

Sonairte in Winter is a short educational film presented by climate activist and nature educator Nicola Winters. The 30 minute film is available for private showings at schools and conferences, online and off.

“Sonairte [pronounced SON-ART-A] is an interactive visitor centre, located on the coast off Meath, promoting ecological awareness and sustainable living. The name Sonairte is derived from a middle Irish word meaning “positive strength”.

Sonairte was established as a charity in 1988 by members of the local community and concerned environmentalists to promote environmental awareness and education. At Sonairte we work with groups from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, including pre-schools, primary schools, post primary schools, third level institutions, tour groups and youth groups. We also provide facilities and programmes for the general public, community groups and interested individuals.

Our courses aim to provide information, education and practical skills on a range of topics, such as biodiversity, organic gardening and sustainable living. Our approach is holistic, and with small numbers on each course, learner focused.”


I spent the second half of December shooting these nine short plays for DU Conservatoire (DIT Drama Department to you and me). They’re an interesting bunch, with some genuinely great performances amongst them. Shot in hopefully a more cinematic way than most ‘zoom theatre’.

I built a custom shoulder rig to shoot these plays, and alternated between shoulder mounted, handheld, gimbal and tripod shooting, throughout.