8 – Bedroom Confessional

In this very special episode of Everybody Wants To Love You, we come to you from our den of iniquity, our very (un)marital bed. We answer the questions we ask our guests – our funniest sexual encounters, our sexiest moments, and finally delve into our sexual ambitions.

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7 – Sex Education

Listeners tell us their sex education horror stories, we compare our sex educations in the 90s and 2000s, on the playground and in the classrooms, our parents reactions to our first relationships.


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Trailer – Everybody Wants To Love You

Everybody Wants To Love You is a show about sex, love and relationships. We overshare about everything from pulling to cucking, lust to love, therapy to teledildonics. Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. Featuring interviews, commentary, confessions and laughs a plenty, this no holds barred chat will open your mind and tickle your pickle. Featuring Try Channel star Nicole O’Connor and former sex columnist Gareth Stack.


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EP3 – A Personal History of Pulling

We discuss Pulling, hooking up, bringing someone home. Specifically how men and women differ in their approaches. The evolutionary impulses behind our sexual strategies. Clubbing. How we talk down competitors and why Anya Taylor Joy is probably not very interesting in bed.


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Love You – EP2 – The Good Old Gays

Our guest is artist and Berlin flaneur Constantin Montana

We discuss… 

The differences between gay life in Berlin and New York. 
How the internet changed hookup culture.
Comparing our sexual educations.
The effects of porn on kids.
The death of subcultures
Differences between dating in gay and straight cultures
‘The chat’
The glorious sluttiness of actors
Meeting ‘the one’.

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Why do people kill? Psychology in Mind Episode 6

The Murderer 
Franz Stuck (1891)

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A new series in which psychologist Dr Andrew P. Allen and writer and broadcaster Gareth Stack, turn to psychology for answers about our minds, brains and personalities.

Todays Question: Why do people kill?

We’ll be exploring the topic of murder – more specifically spree killings. Joining us is Dr. Robert King of University College Cork. Rob’s  controversial work uses evolutionary and anthropological perspectives to examine the ultimate motivations behind human violence and sexual behaviour.

In a wide ranging discussion we examine the status protecting evolutionary motivations behind ‘spree killings’ by ‘spare males’. Rob’s work has identified two separate populations of spree killers, older men who have ‘failed’ in keeping their families together and younger socially isolated men. We also discuss Hybristophiles – the women who fall in love with killers, including spree killers like James Holmes. Other topics touched on include the headhunters of Borneo, Mira Hindley’s nazi fixation, Margaret Mede, the Shankill Butchers, lynchings, and ‘non violent’ tribal cultures, ‘an heroes’, and Gregory Stanton’s 8 Stages of Genocide.

Questions Explored

Do we live in a particularly violent time?
Have spree killings really increased? Or were they underreported in the past?
Do media depictions increase the amount of spree killings?
How does psychopathy interact with wealth and power from Gengis Kahn to Wallstreet traders?
How has the concept of psychopathy evolved – from Cleckley’s the Mask of Sanity to Hares Psychopathy Checklist to the DSM definition of anti-social personality disorder, to John Ronson’s Psychopath Test?


● Hive Mind (Rob’s Blog at Psychology Today)
● Mass Killings: An Evolutionary Perspective
● Deficits in fear conditioning in psychopaths 
● Frequency dependent selection in psychopaths 
● The demonisation of evolutionary psychology, as typified by Cordelia Fine’s ‘Testosterone Rex’