American Gothic S01E01 – Acquired Taste – Episode 1


This is a new show, an experiment if you like. James Van De Waal and Gareth Stack sit down and riff (in the style of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or RiffTrax) over sucky television.

Here’s how it works: Each episode we watch an episode of an old TV show, and insult it in real time. If you’d like to play along with this weeks show, google ‘American Gothic S01E01’, find a stream of the first episode of this lost ‘classic’, fire up the podcast and hit play when we tell you to. Be warned, this is outrageously NSFW.

Episode 1

You’re Doing it Wrong – An Introduction


A podcast journal, questioning the creative life. I delayed posting this for a long time. It was recorded at a moment when I felt very emotionally vulnerable. A time when I was questioning the assumptions underlying the life I’ve chosen – the penurious road of the struggling writer. Maybe the open vein is the best to drink from. Take a listen.

Download: Episode 1

Reading Plays – Interview – Cast of ‘Welcome to the Ethics Committee’


We interview the cast of the recent Smock Alley production of ‘Welcome to the Ethics Committee’.

The play was based on the collaborative fiction project, The SCP Foundation, and was written and directed by Katherine Farmar. We spoke to some members of the cast – Elitsa Dimova, Libby Russell, Jack Beglin, Liam Hallahan, and Declan Gillen.

Download: Interview – Cast of ‘The Ethics Committee’

Music – Amor & Psyche – by Bitwise Operator.

Doubt (Part 1) – Episode 7 – Reading Plays


In the introduction to his already classic play ‘Doubt: A Parable’, JP Shanley writes ‘we are living in a culture of extreme advocacy, of confrontation, of judgment, and of verdict’. In the decade since the publication of the play, as the culture wars have expanded, his words have seemed ever more prescient. Doubt is a work with uncertainty at its heart. The play deals with a monstrous allegation and it’s consequences, but its theme is really the consequence of ignoring such allegations. Shanley challenges us to acknowledge in doubt, the possibility of growth, to chose a shared illusion a little less distant from reality, to sacrifice the vestments of perceived virtue for robes of uncertain good. Doubt was awarded the Pulizer prize for drama as well as a Tony Award for Best Play, and has been adapted into both an opera and an academy award nominated film.

Download: Reading Plays – Episode 7 – Doubt (Part1)

Reading Plays‘ is a discussion show, featuring Gareth Stack and James Van De Waal. Each week we do a close reading of a modern play, discussing it’s merits, themes, issues raised, and so on. You can play along by reading or watching a production of the play before you listen to the show.

Next weeks play: We continue our discussion of Doubt by JP Shanley.

Music – Amor & Psyche – by Bitwise Operator.

Threat Detection – Episode 25 – Dancing with Bono

Dancing with Bono
Another grab bag of topics this week as Gareth & James discuss early access games. The failures, the successes, and how they’re changing the industry. From Minecraft to Project Zomboid, Scale, Tangiers and the Forest, we examine how early access has changed the economics of indie game production, for good and ill.

We also take a bite out of the poisoned apple of open world games. What makes them compelling? How have they developed? What does procedural generation hold in store for ‘fans of the genre’? Have open world games become stale? And most importantly, how can they be fixed?

Download: Episode 25

What is Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Threat Detection – Episode 24 – All Filler, No Killer


Gareth & James get together in the first Threat Detection for a while for a general chat about games. They talk about classic videogame publications like PC Gamer, C&VG and EGM, as well as the revival of classic games on sites like Good Old Games.

Download: Episode 24

What is Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Threat Detection – Episode 21 – E3 Megashow

no mans sky

What’s Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a lively, smart, frequently funny and always irreverent videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

This week – E3, the worlds largest videogame conference

Started in 1995. The first E3 was conceived by IDG’s Infotainment World and co-founded by the Interactive Digital Software Association (now the Entertainment Software Association). It coincided with the start of a new generation of consoles, with the release of the Sega Saturn, and the announcements of upcoming releases of the PlayStation, Virtual Boy and Neo-Geo CD.

Nothing short of fabulous opera being performed by seriously amateur public representatives and corporate heads of the great movers and shakers of the video game industry. Over the last ten years the press conference has grown and moved with the growing profits of the video game business, jumping from Los Angeles convention center, Tokyo in 1996.

What does E3 say about the state of the industry industry?

With the prevalence of bullshots, ‘target renders’ and broken releases – e.g.: WatchDogs, Battlefied 4 – can we trust anything we see?

What are our hopes for the near future of gaming?

Download: Threat Detection – Episode 21

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Bonus Episode – Beginnings – Mad Scientists of Music

The is the first web only bonus episode of Mad Scientists of Music. Focusing on interviews rather than sound, these episodes feature clips, topics and artists there wasn’t space to fit into the radio series.

We kick off with early experiences in technology, hearing from a host of folks about how early encounters with computers and electronics fuelled their interest in sound. A diverse collection of musicians, from Ewan Hennelly and Simon Kenny to MarQu VR of Gamepak Collective, give us their radically differing opinions of technology.

Moving on to influences we hear how artists like Auteker and Aphex Twin inspired a host of Irish experimental electronic musicians.

Ed Devane talks about moving from constructing his own instruments to collecting a unique set of sounds to manipulate electronically.

Niamh De Barra talks describes how composers like Stravinsky helped steer the course of electronic music and why contemporary virtuosity pushed her towards electronic composition and performance.

Meljoann talks about her diverse influences and combining classical and electronic composition.

Oswald Green and Sebastian Dooris speak about the pleasures of understanding the physics of sound. And there’s a special exclusive track from Oswald right at the end.

Bonus Episode – ‘Beginnings

Choices – Episode 6 – DiCaprio Island


Episode 6 of the brand new series from Dead Medium Productions and Dublin City FM. First broadcast 11th June, 2014.

Natalie’s bullying finally culminates in a complete mental breakdown for Ainesh. Humiliated and desperate, Ainesh locks himself inside a classroom and refuses to come out. Inside he creates a sock puppet utopia. Committed instantly, Ainesh is taken to Our Lady of Infinite Jest mental hospital. Stillman is on his first internship and Ainesh is his first patient. Can Ainesh escape the hospital and find justice?

Download: Episode 6
Credits: Read

Growing Up Digital – Episode 2 – Mad Scientists of Music

Episode two explores the video game backgrounds of a variety of Irish experimental musicians – how video game culture and ready access to technology influenced their love of music and their aesthetic sensibilities. Chiptune music in particular reappropriates not only the machinery, but also the distinctive sounds of computer games of the 1980’s, and this helps to define its unique aesthetic. Kieran Dold (Karakara) discusses the aesthetic appeal of retro videogame music. Niamh Houston (Chipzel) explains how ‘home brew’ software like LSDJ, allows her to make music from classic Game Boy portable gaming consoles. Niamh talks about completing the loop – working with BAFTA award winning video game designer Terry Cavanagh to create retro video game inspired music for contemporary ‘indie’ computer games like Super Hexagon.

Episode 2 – ‘Growing Up Digital

About the Series

BAI logo mark colourMad Scientists of Music is a six part, BAI funded documentary series on Near FM. The show explores the world of Circuit Bending, Chip Tune, and Electroacoustic music in Ireland. Low cost technology, recycled instruments and a new attitude to tinkering embodied by the ‘maker movement’ are helping to reinvent music. A new generation of Irish musicians raised around computers, the internet and video gaming, see noise as something to be hacked, taken apart, and reconstructed. These artists build their own instruments, whether by recycling toy keyboards, modifying video game consoles, or attaching electronics to traditional stringed instruments. They often share their music online for free, and in doing so challenge our ideas about copyright and ownership. Their playful attitude to technology finds new uses for obsolete devices and brings the collaboration of musicianship to engineering and the arts.


Part 1 – Gaming

Game experience intro: Sebastian Dooris (Deathness Injection)
Montage of Gamers: Emma (of Deathness Injection), Andrew Edgar, Kieran Dold (Karakara), John Leech (Siam Collective), Ed Devane, Colm Olwill, Ed Devane, Meljoann.

Part 2 – Chiptune

Interviewees: Kieran Dold, Niamh Houston.

Featured Artists

ChipzelKnuckle Joe
ZPGMalware Brigade
ZPGXai Unbound
ChipzelSuper Hexagon Soundtrack and Super Hexagon play through (courtesy of Terry Cavannah)
Menacing WondersChipzel (feat Manami Matsumae)
Super Gammy BoyMicrosoft Excel Swag
Super Gammy BoyI’d Have That Many Followers Too If I Dressed Like a Whore
Bitwise OperatorHows That