Gran Casino, Live in Concert


Analogue Presents – Gran Casino, Live in Concert from dbspin on Vimeo.

Without further ado, let me present the second in our two videos celebrating the launch of Analogue as a nationwide magazine. Gran Casino are a Dublin band that we haven’t written about before in the magazine, at least in part because their material is so difficult to describe. If Burt Bacharach wrote songs for Ian Brown they might sound a little like the melodic, unapologetically baroque, art rock made by Gran Casino. The band have recently released their first E.P, ‘Sun Music’, which is available for the very reasonable price of €7 at Tower Records, Road Records, The Secret Book and Record Store, and City Discs.

Gran Casino are…

Caimin Gilmore – Vocals, Guitar, Glockenspiel
Jimmer Reynolds – Drums, Percussion
Shane Sugrue – Keys, Vocals, Clarinet, Sitar
James O’ Connor – Bass, Synth
Kathy Looney – Violin
Julie Clarke – Violin
Sue Neary – Harp
Joe Mylo – French Horn
Kev Foran – Trumpet
Simon Wall – Tenor Sax/Flute
Chris Rooney – Trombone
Tim Harris – Flute

Recorded, Radio City Dublin, 06/06/08.
Camera: Dave Boyle
Editing: Gareth Stack & Dave Boyle.
All songs copyright Gran Casino, 2008.


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Oh Child, Live in Concert

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 15.22.47

Analogue Present – Oh Child, Live in Concert from dbspin on Vimeo.

To celebrate the Launch of Analogue Issue 4, we’ve teamed up with two great Dublin bands, Oh Child and Gran Casino. The pair recently played the launch of Gran Casino’s debut EP, ‘Sun Music’ in Dublin’s Radio City. Oh Child, previously featured on the Analablog in April, are a wonderful five piece from across this great and rugged isle. Their music veers from Appalachian folk to jazz pop. We hope you enjoy this first of our two very special episodes of Analogue Presents. Episode 2, featuring Gran Casino, will be available soon.

Oh Child are..

Cillian Murphy – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Tenor Sax
Dearbhla Minogue – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Paul Finegan – Vocals, Bass
Olwyn Murphy – Vocals, Drums
Jennifer Twyford – Vocals, Violin
Graham King – Vocals, Clarinet, Alto Sax

Recorded, Radio City Dublin, 06/06/08.
Camera: Dave Boyle
Editing: Gareth Stack & Dave Boyle


Fleet Foxes videos on


Continuing Analogue’s love affair the the American indie elite, and proof, if proof were needed that was the greatest thing to happen to indie music since Kurt Cobain wore a Daniel Johnston t-shirt for a year, here’s a double treat. Above, the stunning new video for the equally incomparable song from the best band I’ve heard this year – the instantly classic Fleet Foxes, with White Winter Hymnal. Below, an interview the Foxes, recorded by the pitched fork at this years South by Southwest Festival.

We have some photo’s and a teeny video from the intimate Dublin gig knocking about, which Andy really must get to posting *cough*. Almost forgot, credit to the ever excellent Pop Culture Will Eat Itself for the link.

Radiohead – House of Cards Video

Our lovely friends at the plex are kindly hosting Radioheads new video, for the In Rainbows track ‘House of Cards‘. Rather stunningly, the video is neither entirely CG, nor does it use any conventional cameras, but rather Geometric Informatics (‘structured light’) and Velodyne LIDAR (a sort of hyper advanced speed camera). The result is reminiscent of early experiments in computer animation, a flickering varicolour oscilloscoped DOB trip.

There’s a mini documentary on the site to show how it was done, as well as a savage viewer application to play around with the 3D visualisations in your browser. The raw data has also been made available, so the mathematically inclined among you can immediately go remix crazy.

Check out the video here.

Girl Talk’s New Album is out, and Free


Turntable Laptop legend and hero of the copyleft movement, Girl Talk’s new album ‘Feed the Animals‘ is available and, realistically, free. Pittsburgh native Gillis, has ‘done a Radiohead‘.

At first listen (literally), it seems similar enough to 2006’s Night Ripper, if a little less anarchic – complete with illegal samples and inventive rapid-fire juxtapositions – think Hot Chip over the Cardigans, expect samples of everything from Soldja Boy to Kelly Clarkson.

Girltalk says..

My fourth full-length album, Feed The Animals, is out today! You can download the digital version (320 Kpbs) for whatever price you want at: If you are reading this prior to 7:00 AM eastern USA time, then the page may not be ready. We’re fine-tuning some last minute things. If you pay over $5, you get an added bonus of one big mp3 file with all of the tracks connected. If you pay over $10, then you are pre-ordering a physical copy of the CD, which will be out later. All of the tracks are streaming on my myspace, but the album is intended to be listened as one continuous track.
This can be easily accomplished by getting the mp3s from Illegal Art, thanks for your support!


Pick it up, and if you can, pay the dear boy too.

Alternative Trinity Ball


After this years radically disappointing Trinity Ball line-up, it’s time to re-evaluate the bands we get to play the event. Lets imagine, with a new Ents officer, arguably less in the pocket of philistine event management companies, the best ball we could possibly have next year. What do you suggest?

Here’s one idea for a line up, this isn’t a ‘My Favourite Bands’ list, it’s a group of folk, all excellent, mostly upbeat, many of whom have a large student following. Most importantly none of the acts listed are too big to play the ball.

Main Stage

Go! Team
Sigur Ros
The Knife

Dance Tent


Girl Talk
Zero 7
Boards of Canada
Thievery Corporation

Alternative Tent

Magnetic Fields

Final Fantasy
Strip Squad
Jens Lekman
TV On the Radio

Front Square Stage

Fight like Apes

Regina Spektor

Realistically, nothing’s likely to change. No Ent’s officer, however decent, can wrest control of the ball from corporate interests. Word is, when tickets sold out in record time this year, Trinity got shafted for the unannounced ‘good’ Oxygen acts (sic). The ball’s become an event, not about the music, but about the socialising. That’s not the worst thing in the world. Trinity Ball is like a great big wedding, filled with mediocre bands and friends you haven’t seen in ages, all dolled up in tails and top-hats. But can you imagine, if they really tried, the night we’d have?

Omodaka – Kyoteizinc

Andy’s the expert on Japanese electro, but I’m captivated by one new chiptune artist in particular, the enigmatic Omodaka. The great graphic novelist and comic writer Warren Ellis recently posted the video below, which is a beautifully pure attempt to express music through imagery. I’m convinced there are only two ways to make a truly great music video, a piece that enhances rather than merely embellishes the music it illustrates. The method used in this video, is to create a pictorial analogue to the music, a constructed synesthesia, articulating the sounds rather than the conceptual content of the piece. The track is effortlessly fleshed out 8-bit drum and base, and the video, directed by Hiroshi Kizu, features a dance performance by Masako Yasumoto. You can subscribe to Omodaka’s ‘Far East Recording’ videos on Youtube.

Greatest Will Oldham Interview eva’

At the risk of turning Analogue into a clip sharing site, I simply have to share this. Ian Svenonius, a sort of down tempo American Russell Brand, and former lead singer of parody politics punk outfit Nation of Ulysses, now hosts uberhip lounge interview show Soft Focus. The show (and the Vice channel on which it airs) represents at once the epitome of hipsterism and an utter send up of its too cool for school premise. When Svenonius met alt country darling Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, genius had to ensue.

One more thing. This girl, who covered this song better than the original, finally got her chance to play with this guy. Praise be the internets.

Oh Child, Live in Anseo

Last Wednesday I had the very great pleasure of heading to see a band a couple of friends of mine have put together. ‘Oh Child’ fuse folk pop lyricism, calypso melodies and the instrumentation and complex drum lines of a jazz act. That’s my best effort at explaining their sound, which is fluid, fresh and warmly musical. The video, filmed on my camera turned out dark as shit, but the sound’s OK. Oh Child should be recording their debut single in the near future.