Kick the Kat 23.11.06

Trinity FM

Back on the air tonight..10pm to 12pm GMT, on Trinityfm – available online or on air on 97.3FM in Dublin city. Also I have a cold, so be prepared to enjoy a nasal whinny from time to time.

I’ll be playing a couple of tracks each from Joanna Newsom, Final Fantasy, John Darnielle and Tom Waits, then moving on to some electronic stuff (think Art of Noise, and Homogenic Bjork) and whatever else I can did out of our digital cupboards. Fingers crossed I’ll have a new (thus far unnamed) ‘oldtime’ country / Appalachian band in the studio doing their thing. Listen up.

Update: Well the show turned into a bit of a shambles, primarily due to some drunks turning up and stumbling about and not taking the hint to leave *cough*, but Fergus and Dearbhla were great, playing something across between Appalachian and Calypso, and they’ll be in The Blue Note Cafe on Caple St, next Wednesday from about eight thirty, at the first regular TFM Session. I also had an interesting time trying to tell samples of Irish and Klingon apart. Without further ado, here are the show notes for Thursday night.
Tracks and Notes

Frames – Unreleased – Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Gnarles Barkley – St Elsewhere – Necromancer

Dj Dangermouse – Grey Album – My first song

Final Fantasy – Has a Good Home – Please Please Please

Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds – He Poos Clouds

Electric Six – Senior Smoke – Jimmy Carter

Damien Dempsy – Songs from a room – Party On

Joan of Arse – Distant Hearts a little closer – Watching Films with the Sound Down

I’m From Barcelona – We’re from barcelona

Belle and Sebastian – The Life Persuit – Sukis asleep in the graveyard

Whipping Boy – Heart Worm – We don’t need nobody else

Joanna Newsom – Cosmia

Joanna Newsom – Peach Plum Pear

Josh Ritter – Bone of Song

David Bowie – Life Aquatic OSD – Queen Bitch

Travelling Wilburies – Handle Me with Care

Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline – I threw it all away

Tom Waits – Small Change – Pasties and a G-string
*From Wait’s 1976 album, his biggest hit next to Mule Variations from 1999

Tom Waits – Mule Variations – What’s he builing in there

Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree – You or your memory
Extra Glens – Ultraviolet
* Two songs from song writer, composer, guitarist and vocalist John Darnielle who is also the editor of the last plane to jakarta webzine
* John also has a rather new blog at
* you can grab a collection of mountian goats mp3’s at
* Googling Darnielle earlier I can across an hillarious piece he’d written for Nerve, which asks now that scarlet johansen is mainstream
* who should indy guys have a crush on
* Personally I can’t think of anyone better than joanna newsom

Art Of Noise – The Seduction of Claude Debussy – Il Pleure

Bjork – Homogenic – Bachellorette – 2 days ago birthday

Im from Barcellona – We’re from barcellona

Par-T-One – Single – Im So Crazy
* The only single from Italian electroclash band composed of House DJ’s Sergione Casu and Andrea Pareo

Buck 65 – Roses and Bluejays

Avenue Q – If you were gay

Daniel Johnston – True love will find you in the end

CoCoRosie – By your side

TrinityFM Promo


Published in this weeks Trinity News..

Trinity FM, as all must by now be aware, is the one of the most popular, longest running and most professionally managed student radio stations in all of Trinity. Perched, like a mellifluous golden eagle of radio, mere feet below the attics of House 6, in a space once reserved for the oddly hairy, some say simian, mistress of notorious Provost Oddbilington Tidesmither the 81st; the TFM studio is a wonder of modern design and engineering. Decorated in a contemporary graffiti aesthetic, reminiscent of such enfant terribles as London’s ‘Banksy’, or New York’s Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Trinity FM studio has presented talents as well known as Damien Dempsey, and we once asked Glen Hansard to come on.

Content not merely to stream jets of glorious radio across Dublin city, we have come into possession of a modern ‘internet page’ (located I am reliably informed at which includes within its myriad of features, the ability to listen on the line. Which, darling students, with mere clicks of your mice, you may do right now, as this very week we are granting all of Trinity a chance to listen, as we are on air this week.

More than a living museum, TFM is a station which plays host – fifteen hours a day, five 7days a week, six weeks a year – to some of the finest student bodies possessed of musical predilections. Shows, such shows have we for you, that this very quill quivers in my hand as I seek to effuse, quivers like the giblets of a fresher graced with the heartening favors of an older boy’s patronage by a roaring log fire on a chill evening in December, but I digress. This week alone, you may experience the very great pleasure of radio theatre in the shape of a new production of Peter Nichol’s bleakly humorous and poignant play, ‘A Day in the Death of Joe Egg’ (10 – 12pm Tuesday night), as well as a variety of eclectic music (9 – 12pm every night this week), Sport (6.30 – 7.00pm daily), amusing experiments with the Celtic tongue (Irish Hour, 4 – 5pm daily), contributions from a variety of Trinity’s most distinguished societies (12 – 1pm daily) and as always, music and eloquent banter to suit all but the most crass and deviant of tastes. Join us for the sweet meats and caviar of radio listening. Trinity FM, on air all this week on 97.3FM, and at Adieu.

Horis le Cervau D’un Sandwich Au Fromage,
Senior Producer TFM

Radio Daze

The TFM stand!

This is a momentous week for Irish radio, for two reasons.

One, Phantom FM, everyone’s favourite career pirates turned Indy music saviors, have finally won their protracted legal case against Bob Geldolf’s proposed ZedFM, and hit the Dublin airwaves Monday. I’ve been listening sporadically throughout today and have been pleasantly surprised. Nay saying prognosticators be damned, there’s been far less Frans Ferdinand and Killers style trendiness than was predicted, and far more of Phantoms traditional mix of classic underground hits (think Rock Lobster), break through indie (Sufjan Stephens), and grunge rock staples (Pearl Jam etc) are being played than some predicted.

Two, Trinity FM are once again broadcasting. Check out our time table. If you live between Clontarf and Rathmines you should be able to pick us up. We’ve done a tonne of work improving the technical side of the station over the past few months, and I’d go as far as to say we are now producing some of the best student radio in the country. I’d particularly recommend Michael Lloyd (10pm – 12pm) on Wednesday, Nick Johnson’s Plastic Soul (10pm – 12pm on Thursday), Eimer Crowe’s Arts Review (5pm – 6.30pm on Friday).

You can get TFM on 97.3fm in Dublin city, or at


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