The Mighty Tenets of Post Reasonabilism

Revolutionise your pathetic little life with the mighty tenets of post-reasonabilism! The only school of philosophy to combine art, science and sound business sense to make God work for you!

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Doubt (Part 2) – Episode 8 – Reading Plays


We conclude our discussion of JP Shanley’s classic play, doubt.

Download: Episode 8 – Doubt (Part 2)

Reading Plays‘ is a discussion show, featuring Gareth Stack and James Van De Waal. Each week we do a close reading of a modern play, discussing it’s merits, themes, issues raised, and so on. You can play along by reading or watching a production of the play before you listen to the show.

Next weeks play: ‘The Bald Soprano‘ or La Cantatrice Chauve by Eugène Ionesco.

Music – Amor & Psyche – by Bitwise Operator.

Threat Detection – Episode 6


Apologies for the sound problems in this episode. It’s our first week in the new studio and we have some gremlins to sort out.

Download: Episode 6

We talk about…

Valve Cheat detection controversy
– Valve pulling an EA. Tracking people’s DNS addresses and entries such as ipconfig/displadns. Doing this through VAC.
– also facepunch (rust dev) institute robust cheat detection
GABE Newell responds!

Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ DLC
– homage / trash’s Bioshock infinite’s interactive sequences
– is the combat unnecessary (no)

Buddyfied launches
– one solution to finding folks to play with

Steam game tagging launched, subject to immediate abuse
– gone homo, day z is ‘walking simulator’

I Don’t Need No Stinking Rehab!

This is actually the original track before they vocoded it. I founded the masters in a trashcan in Camden.

Update: Switched to vimeo version because of a bogus and illegal Youtube takedown notice from Universal Music Group. This despite Youtube’s own advice to dispute illegitimate takedown notices. In this case I disputed the initial illegitimate takedown notice, only to receive a second notice (this time a formal DMCA notice), complete with dire warnings about having my youtube account deleted – “Please note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos that you have uploaded. Please delete any videos for which you do not own the necessary rights and refrain from uploading infringing videos.” I wish this was the first time this had happened.

What’s particularly interesting is that while ‘content owners’ (i.e.: big corporations) have been given the tools to automatically take down any video you or I upload at will, we don’t have any similar automatic tools to dispute their claims. Youtube used to offer a form for this. Disputes now must be done manually.

It gets worse, because youtube also operate a voluntary strikes system, (like many Irish ISPs). This means that when your parody or fair use video is illegally and inaccurately flagged as infringing by Big Content, you can lose access to youtube features (like the ability to upload new videos). Youtube actually make you sit through a condescending ‘copyright school’ before you can have access to those features again, or even dispute the claim. Complete with multiple choice tests – really. As a video artist, I say, fuck this. How about you?

Update 2: It gets worse! Apparently youtube is not honouring counterclaims where they have ‘an agreement’ with a ‘content holder’ (specifically including these UMG tossers), despite the illegality of the original claim. I’ve filed a counterclaim via email (there’s no way in hell I’m doing that cartoon copyright course), but it might well be ignored. What ever happened to don’t be evil?

The Invisible Tourguide – Behind The Tour Guide – A Documentary

ipodLast September, infamous documentary auteur Cloff ‘Leather Britches’ Chuffbunting, spent two weeks in the company of Professor Byron Frump. Two weeks that were to prove infinitely memorable, not just for Professor Byron Frump, but for our world. This documentary was the result. If you’ve ever wondered what motivates the man so many of us have grown to admire, and perhaps even love, or pondered the life of the unpleasantly rich and desperately famous, ‘Behind The Tour Guide’ will feed your mawkish obsession.

Download: Behind the Tour Guide
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The Invisible Tourguide – Episode 5 – Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts and History, Part 2

This week Byron returns to Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts and History, at Collins Barracks.


Download: Episode 5 – Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts and History, Part 2

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