Cheated Hearts Video Release

Cheated Hearts and YOU! yeah you!


¨We want to see what you would do if you were playing us in our video for “CHEATED HEARTS off our new album. We know our fans do it like no other, now’s your chance to put us to shame.
1) Send it on DV TAPE 2) Dress the part!¨3) Blast the music in the background and play or sing over it…¨4) Get lost in the song make it YOURS¨5) Got guitar? mic? drums? Use’em! Got no such things? Fake it, use what you¨got around the house, be resourceful yeah!¨6) Do as many performances as you need, we will edit it! Try and make them¨different: FULL BODY, CLOSE-UP, MEDIUM, FROM THE SIDE, inside,¨outside, etc. Do the Nick, do the Brian, do the Karen O.¨7) IMPORTANT: AT LEAST HALF OF YOUR PERFORMANCE SHOULD BE AGAINST A WHITE WALL, or sheet. SO DO IT ONCE IN FRONT OF A WHITE WALL AND ONCE ANYWAY YOU WANT.¨8) SEND IT TO US, DO IT QUICKLY….YOU WILL BE BIGGER THAN THE SOUND.

-Please address exactly like below to guarantee proper delivery.

*Send United States and Canada VIDEO contest submissions to:
YEAH YEAH YEAHS video contest
8033 Sunset Boulevard , # 2250
Hollywood, CA 90046

*Send INTERNATIONAL video contest submissions to:
YEAH YEAH YEAHS video contest
c/o Polydor Ltd
364-366 Kensington High Street
London W14 8 NS

** With your video submission , you must print out and include a signed, completed copy of the release form (attached below). Please have all entries postmarked by June 16, 2006.


In consideration of your agreement that I can participate in the Cheated Hearts music video to be shot on [DATE] and for other valuable consideration, I understand and agree that my submission of material (including my submission of my Video) to you constitutes my agreement to the following terms: all submissions shall be the sole property of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (YYYs). Without limitation, the YYYs, their licensees and/or assigns shall be the owners of all worldwide rights in the material submitted by me (as a work-made-for-hire) under all relevant domestic and international copyright laws. I shall not be entitled to any compensation for the use of the material submitted. I waive any and all claims against YYYs, their assigns and licensees, arising from the use of the material submitted by me.

I hereby expressly grant to YYYs and to YYY™ licensees, successors and assigns, the right throughout the universe in perpetuity to reproduce my physical likeness and use my Video, and other reproductions of my likeness in the Video, or otherwise, in and in connection with the exhibition of the visual and/or audio-visual work embodying Cheated Hearts (the “Production”) and derivatives of the Production, and for advertising or promotion in connection with the YYYs and/or the Production.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, YYYs shall have the right to edit, modify and/or delete the Video and other material from the Production, include any part of the Video and/or the Production with any other visual and/or audio-visual work, change the sequence of events in the Production and make any other changes in the Production that YYYs deem appropriate. I further grant YYYs and their licensees, successors and assigns, the right throughout the universe in perpetuity to use my name in connection with the Production, including, without limitation, on packaging for the Production and in advertising, promotion and publicity in connection with the Production. I warrant and represent that I have the right and power to enter into this agreement and grant the rights set forth herein.

By my signature below, I hereby certify and represent that I have read this release, fully understand its meaning and I agree to the terms of this release.

PRINT NAME: _______________________________
ADDRESS: _______________________________
SOCIAL SECURITY NO.: ______________________
BIRTHDATE: _____________, 19 __
If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have your parent or guardian sign below

Signature of Parent/Guardian if under the age of 18


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