Kick The Kat Sessions

A few tunes, all legal mp3’s available for your downloading convenience. These sessions were recorded on Kick The Kat, my music show on Trinity FM in the 2000s.

You can now download this music as a podcast!

Keith Barry

Kick the Kat Session 2004

Don’t want to sleep
Bet if I stood here
Birthday Song. (Some acoustic artifacts)
Dry Land
It’s all your fault
Kathleen (Josh Ritter Cover)
Star Heyday (Frames & Mic Christopher Mashup/Cover)
The Professor (Damien Rice Cover)

Statler & Waldorf

Kick the Kat Session 2004

Numb and Angelic
Dreams and Creations
The Island
Strange Vodka Nights
Strange Vodka Nights (Singalong Version)

Oilcloth Ricochet

Kick the Kat Session 2004

Show Intro
Chicago – Oilcloth Ricochet
Kiss from a Rose (cover) – Oilcloth Ricochet
Live Forever – (cover) – Oilcloth Ricochet
Hey Yeah – Oilcloth Ricochet

Studio Demo

From what I’m told

Gareth Stack

The Cave (Spoken Word Story)
Mother Says I’m Pretty

Bottomdollar Demo (2003)

Drowning Without You
The Dirty Vampire
Mr Hoe
Semptember ’99

Please Note: Oilcloth Ricochet is now Dermot Byrne and The Dancing Frankensteins.

This music is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

Creative Commons License


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