Men Becoming Animals – Episode 4 – The Gareth Stack Show Live

Your monthly dose of lowbrow comedy and middlebrow culture with Gareth Stack, hosted by Andrew Booth. May’s guests are three of the most flabbergasting Irish musicians at work today. Myles Manley has been described variously as Mick Jagger meets Alan Partridge, and as ‘whitesploitation’. Chanteur Dr David Turpin is an expert in mid-twentieth century American poetry (although his botany leaves much to be desired). Gamepak’s Andrew Edgar creates a melange of child noise from his beastly machines live in the Radiomade studio. Join the ‘lads’ as they discuss the arrest of top tweeter Gerry Adams, Richard Ayoade’s Dostoevsky derived ‘The Double’, and why super producer Ronnie recently saw fit to swim around Ireland. This month’s murderer is Sid Vicious.

Download: Episode 4 – Men Becoming Animals

Comedy Chernobyl – Episode 2 – Gareth Stack Show Live

This weeks show featured interviews with controversial comedian Robert Coyle, award winning conceptual artist Jonah King, and Caoimhe Lavelle and James Moran from the Bluebottle Collective.

The show was produced by superproducer Ronan Misteil, and presented by Andrew Booth. Special guest was Gareth Stack. Prank call featured was by Siam Collective, with permission. The show is produced live at the studios of All jingles produced by Roger Gregg and the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

Vital update of most important importance: we’re switching to a monthly format. If God protects us from the spectre of global thermonuclear war, next show should be April 3rd. If you’d like to see more of this kind of thing, like us on Facebook.

Download: Episode 2

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