Bathos – Episode 3 – The Gareth Stack Show Live

This weeks show featured interviews with horror writer Graham Tugwell, and esoteric religious expert, writer and publisher Andrew Philip Smith. We also have two fantastic short stories from Irish writer Patrick O’Flaherty.

The show was produced by superproducer Ronan Misteil, and presented by Andrew Booth. Special guest was Gareth Stack. The show is produced live at the studios of All jingles produced by Roger Gregg and the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

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Jibberhoof, New Years Show

In which three Irish gentlemen with English accents discuss…

Jibberhoof, Episode 1 (75mins, 65megs)


News Stories of the Year – Wikileaks, Acts of God

TV of the Year – Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Spartacus Blood and Sand,

Movies of the year – A Profit, The Social Network, Network (1976), Scott Pilgrim

Games of the Year – Minecraft, Sleep is Death, Pixeljunk Eden (2008) * Dylan Cuthbert

Person of the year – Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Justin Hall, Plato, Why the Lucky Stiff

Personal Highlights of the year – Andrews trip to America, Johns trip to Italy, Marshmallow Ladyboy Jesus, Cheaper Than Therapy

Lawrence Lessig on the criminalisation of culture


Lawrence Lessig has consistently been one of the most important figures in the debate over copyright reform, ‘piracy’, and remix culture over the last decade. He’s recently switched his energies to battling the corrupting effect of PACs, lobbyists and outright bribery in the US political system, so it’s rare these days to hear him talk about how the law is prohibiting the development of culture, criminalising creativity and creating and extremism on both sides of the debate. A development that Lessig argues, has led to the social normalisation of copyright infringement on one side, and to the legal persecution of thousands of otherwise law abiding citizens on the other.

Arguably, Lessig stands to the right of most of this generations creative community, but compared to the current legal prohibitions in place around the world, from the DMCA to the EUCD, he’s a leftist loon; and that’s how he’s frequently been portrayed in the media.

In these three video interviews with San Francisco’s ‘Booksmith‘, Lessig briefly outlines the moderate copyright reform position he advocates in his book ‘Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy’ .

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