What is The Emerald Arts?


The Emerald Arts is a free podcast comedy series from Dead Medium Productions. The show was originally broadcast on 90.3 Near FM in 2011. Check out a trailer below.

[audio http://garethstack.com/content/audio/emeraldarts/Promo.mp3]

Magic Racist – a mascot for a simpler time.

The Emerald Arts is the oldest running arts show in Ireland and indeed the world. For over 220 years the programme – initially released as sheet music, then later on telegraph, wax disk, player piano, and finally the wireless (on Dublin’s own Nero FM) has brought Ireland news from the worlds of art and entertainment.

It’s main presenters – Hawthorn White, an ancient and mysterious figure. Bellicose as a bear and aristocratic as a Tudor. Lenny T, gaeltori, scholar of Irish history, staunch defender of the traditional arts. Sally Gob, a sprightly young woman of 60, dead set on having her generations voice added to the show’s conservative coverage.

For six brief episodes the producers have agreed to experiment with the podcast format.

Emerald Arts Cast


Lenny T has long been judged one of Ireland’s four most important bodhránists. A veteran of the Irish Arts scene, he is a founder of an Caishcau and a week of nights of Columsanus.


Hawthorn White is a doyen of the academy. His sonorous whispers have welcomed many an Irish prole into the arms of comely slumber.


Sally Gob‘s riveting reports on the crafts have been a staple of the Emerald Art’s coverage since she joined the show in 1972. This little lady is no slouch in the comportment department, holding a certificate from Mrs Magdalene’s School for the Proper Laundering of Fine Cloths, and half a GCSE.


Trainee reporter Lorcan Hogget is a lad of breeding, a boy of character, a child of letters, a babe of large soft eyes that weep with poignance.


lorcan1Sean Cully is a man unashamed of his roots, and his roots are cobbles. The cobbled streets of Dublin’s comely Monto, where his mother (an actress) granted him the gift of adoption as a ward of the Duke of Hearts, who raised him as a gentleman.