What is The Emerald Arts?


The Emerald Arts is a free podcast comedy series from Dead Medium Productions. The show was originally broadcast on 90.3 Near FM in 2011. Check out a trailer below.

[audio http://garethstack.com/content/audio/emeraldarts/Promo.mp3]

Magic Racist – a mascot for a simpler time.

The Emerald Arts is the oldest running arts show in Ireland and indeed the world. For over 220 years the programme – initially released as sheet music, then later on telegraph, wax disk, player piano, and finally the wireless (on Dublin’s own Nero FM) has brought Ireland news from the worlds of art and entertainment.

It’s main presenters – Hawthorn White, an ancient and mysterious figure. Bellicose as a bear and aristocratic as a Tudor. Lenny T, gaeltori, scholar of Irish history, staunch defender of the traditional arts. Sally Gob, a sprightly young woman of 60, dead set on having her generations voice added to the show’s conservative coverage.

For six brief episodes the producers have agreed to experiment with the podcast format.

Emerald Arts Cast


Lenny T has long been judged one of Ireland’s four most important bodhránists. A veteran of the Irish Arts scene, he is a founder of an Caishcau and a week of nights of Columsanus.


Hawthorn White is a doyen of the academy. His sonorous whispers have welcomed many an Irish prole into the arms of comely slumber.


Sally Gob‘s riveting reports on the crafts have been a staple of the Emerald Art’s coverage since she joined the show in 1972. This little lady is no slouch in the comportment department, holding a certificate from Mrs Magdalene’s School for the Proper Laundering of Fine Cloths, and half a GCSE.


Trainee reporter Lorcan Hogget is a lad of breeding, a boy of character, a child of letters, a babe of large soft eyes that weep with poignance.


lorcan1Sean Cully is a man unashamed of his roots, and his roots are cobbles. The cobbled streets of Dublin’s comely Monto, where his mother (an actress) granted him the gift of adoption as a ward of the Duke of Hearts, who raised him as a gentleman.

Emerald Arts Credits



Gary Lynch
John Hoysted
Harry Walsh Foreman
Andrew Booth
Gareth Stack
Niamh Hanley
Sarah Byrne
Saul Bowman
Kit Fryatt
Shane Conneely
Mic Farrelly

Written by Gareth Stack, Andrew Booth and John Hoysted.

Sound Engineering by Andrew Booth, Jin Lim, John Hoysted and Gareth Stack.

Music written for the show by Dermot Byrne, Dermot Hagen Kara Kara and Brett McCoy.

Emerald Arts Theme – Nonsense by Karakara and public domain recording of Orchestra Gli Armonici, 100908 Concerto della Madonna dei fiori, 15 G.Torelli, Concerto per tromba e orchestra in Re, Allegro from Musopen.

Produced and edited by Gareth Stack.



All the show’s art is sourced from out of copyright, 19th Century children’s books made available under the public domain by Carl Von Ossietzky Universitat.

Goldene Reime fur Kinderstube by Cornelie Lechler Pub. 1891.

Bilder-Zaubereien fur Jung und Alt by A.Sala Pub 1850.

Misadventures at Margate by Thomas Ingoldsby, with Illustrations by Ernest M.Jessop Pub. 1887.

Lustige Gesellschaft by Franz von Pocci. Pub. 1867.

Sound Effects & Music

Episode 5

Episode 6

Post Script

The Haunted Carousel by Brett McCoy
Comedy Action Theme by Brett McCoy
Adventure Theme by Brett McCoy
Creative Commons Share Alike

The End of the Arts

Opening Scene

Cypher by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″.

Tv Theme This Is Your Life (Full Uk Version) – Snippet used as fair use (satire).


S: DommeBells.wav by acclivity

Public domain recording of ‘A pretty girl is like a melody‘.

Stuffy Brit

S: 10-11-15_depths-of-hell.flac by Argitoth

S: chair_sitting_8.wav by FreqMan

S: suonho_ScaryScape_01.wav by suonho

S: Atmo – Windheulen.mp3 by hintringer

S: Open The Window.wav by digifishmusic

S: Window Opening Squeaks Slide.wav by RutgerMuller

S: Opening Curtains.MP3 by Percy Duke

S: WindAndRain.mp3 by acclivity

S: poltergeist.wav by Elektrocell

S: Kitchen-Sink-Drain-3.wav by RoninMastaFX

S: Window Wind.aif by vuzz

S: Footsteps on Tiles.wav by RutgerMuller

S: Shop Door Knocks Original.wav by fogma

Willy Reich

Creative Commons SFX – Man choking from and Bone Crunching from Sound Bible.

Some like it hostel

Creative commons sharealike recording of Brett McCoy‘s ‘Comedy Theme’ used with permission.

Episode 5 Fundraising

Sonata No. 9 in E Major by Ludwig van Beethoven
Public domain recording from Musopen.

Irish Space Race

Episode 5 – Intro

Public domain recording of “Rule, Britannia!” by James Thomson (lyrics) and Thomas Arne (music). Sung by Albert Farrington in 1914 for Edison Records. This is Edison Blue Amberol #2486. Source – University of California Santa Barbara Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project. From Archive.org.



Creative Commons – Soldier by Tinderman – and Per_-_D_Aubergine – by Tinderman

Episode 3 – interstitial

S: voice from hell.wav by amliebsch

Episode 4 – interstitial

Public Domain – Gregorian Chant Mass

Dundalk Hackspace

Woods of Fear and Stiches

Fatback Festival

ComhaltasLive #348-9: The Innisfree Ceili Band
– Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.

Religion Debate

Episode 1

Intro – Public Domain – Trio Sonata for Flutes and Piano, in A minor from Musopen.

Intro – Karakara & Musopen
Outro – detuned_piano_impression1_2.aif by thanvannispen and Water1.aif and Water2.aif by pushtobreak

Waiting for Godot

Inish Diminish

Latin Dance Class

Modern Jazz Samba from Incompetech by Jevin MacLeod – Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″


Popes Visit to Ireland

Public Domain Tyrannosaurus Rex Sound
Public domain recording of Orchestra Gli Armonici, 100908 Concerto della Madonna dei fiori, 13 G.Torelli, Concerto per tromba e orchestra in Re, Allegro moderat from Musopen.

From Freesound.org

Episode 5 – Call Now!

Micro Invasion – You Kill My Brother – Go! Go! Go!, Creative Commons.

The Actors

Clanhaven institute


Public Domain – Gregorian Chant Mass

Candleglow by abscondo and They Prey by Severed Filth both Creative Commons share alike.

Shilling for the Arts

creakingchair2.wav by UncleSigmund

S: Papers rustling.mp3 by DJ Burnham

S: Till With Bell.wav by Benboncan

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S: Splattt.mp3 by SlykMrByches

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S: chair squeek.wav by offthesky

Loose Skin

S: cigarett_zippo.mp3 by dobroide

S: monolith.wavBy _NOMINAL_

S: Grunts.wav by bennychico11

Mental Megan

Copyleft GRAMS from PACDV

S: scaryscape_voicestringcalling.wav by suonho

S: weirdbreath.wav by Wolfsinger

Stuffy Brit

Emerald Eyes

Creative Commons music – Achaidh Cheide – by Kevin MacLeod – from Incompetech
Cool Vibes – from Incompetech.

Liffey Mouth

Liffey Mouth Theme by Dermot Hagen and Dermot Byrne.