Little Black Lies – The Webseries

How can an undead villain search for love in the age of tinder? What if you were socially awkward and a monster? Join one sexy vampire, OK maybe not that sexy, as he tries to find the love of his life, again. This anachronistic horror comedy takes its cues from the eighties feel of recent work like ‘It follows’ and ‘San Junipero’, and springs from the lively Irish comedy scene. The writer and director preciously collaborated on absurd comic shorts like ‘Lads’ and ‘Spaghetti D*ck’, and the series co-stars rising Irish talent like Nicole O’Connor (‘FACTS’), Joe O’Neill (Little Shadow Theatre Company), as well as legendary Irish actor Roger Gregg (‘About Adam’, ‘Space Truckers’).

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Why Don’t You Make Someone a Mixtape?


It seems like just a moment ago blogging was young, the web was exciting and the mix had slipped from tape and CD onto the internet. We downloaded mp3’s from blogs, livejournal and the hypemachine, and mixtapes were back in vogue, passed like notes in class. Notes that whispered of love, lust and the joyful discovery of music.

We don’t make mixtapes anymore. No one has a CD player, and who even plays for spotify? But it’s still possible to make someone a mixtape. I recently stumbled across 8tracks, a service I used way back in 2012 (you remember, that year the world ended). It lets you take songs you’ve just ripped from youtube, and make a playlist to share with someone special (like the cop who koshed you into hospital, or the nephew you’ve imprisoned in a shipping container). Guess what? You can even embed playlists on wordpress. Here’s one I made (much) earlier.

Threat Detection – Episode 24 – All Filler, No Killer


Gareth & James get together in the first Threat Detection for a while for a general chat about games. They talk about classic videogame publications like PC Gamer, C&VG and EGM, as well as the revival of classic games on sites like Good Old Games.

Download: Episode 24

What is Threat Detection?

Threat Detection is a videogame chat show on Each week, hosts Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal take an hour or two to tear apart a videogame topic, like character, horror, or sex.

Threat Detection – Episode 7


Download: Episode 7

We talked about…

1) Retro gaming and the reasons people play classic games.

2) Irrational Games shutting down! (Just beat me to it. Was in the process of linking stories to this)
(System shock, tribes3, freedom force, swat 4, bioshock)
– Sean Elliot employers!
Ken Levine to start new downsized studio with just 15 people to make replayable narrative based game. 200 employees dropped (James added this part. The arrogant authorship of youth)
– Levine described as toxic egomaniac by bioshock designer

Quote on this from David Hollingworth of PCAuthority: Could not someone else have stepped up to run the studio, and create great games? This just seems to smack of the idea that Irrational would be nothing without Levine’s presence, which is quite the smack in the face to the people now left behind as he moves on.
– Another perspective – This was face saving by Take 2 – and Irrational was just shut down with some good PR
– Why would T2 pull this move now? Irrational is for the most part highly profitable and T2’s quarterly projections are being met.

3) New genre – massively single player games
– Examples: Twitch plays Pokemon, Flappy bird mmo (
– Zombie studios daylight twitch interaction