Cheated Hearts

Some friends and I recorded a video entry for the ‘Cheated Hearts’ contest run by NY punk band the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’. The contest aimed to put together a host of fan made videos, much in the style of Feeder’s classic ‘Just a Day‘. Well the final cut is out, and should be blanketing MTV right now, and (while the result is not quite as original or exciting as Feeders original) we made the cut. In the coming weeks I’ll chop together a full length version of our entry, and throw it up on Youtube. But for the moment you’ll have to be content with the official video! Check it out above.

Hint: The subtitle to our two seconds of fame is ‘Dublin Ireland’.

Credits: Fiona Doyle, Ronan O’Broin, Daniel O’Donovan, Gareth Stack.

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